Why do you play video games?


That may seem like a simple question. But there are a great variety of reasons that people play games. It’s similar to sports in a way. You may know somebody who plays sports only to win and beat the other team. Some play to simply do their best. Some just love the game and only want to enjoy it as much as possible. Others do it for money or glory, trying to become something in the event that’ll be remembered. Others do it just because it’s something to do. None of those reasons to play sports is really wrong, but they are very different. It may have the same result, with a person on the field playing an event, but very different paths to getting there. The same is true for gamers. Some play to escape normal problems. Some play to improve hand-eye-coordination. Others play to be the best, having the highest online score of everybody. Some play because it helps kill the time. Others play because it helps them learn.

There are a wide variety of reasons people play video games, and like the many reasons people play sports, there isn’t anything particularly wrong with playing for any of the above or other reasons. I personally play them because I think they are fun. I like playing a role in helping the in game world get to where it needs to go, no matter the reason why. Usually the games I play involve stopping an evil plot, whether from a villain or an evil force that Final NASCARwants to wipe out all life. I also enjoy playing sports games because they offer something I can’t do in real life. I’ve raced a street car once or twice, and I’ve raced go karts, but I can’t be a NASCAR driver. So I love to play the games for that reason, and I’m a major NASCAR fan. That probably helps a bit too. I also can’t be a Quarterback in the NFL and be playing in the Super Bowl. But in Madden I can, and it’s a lot of fun! I also play them because they are an escape from the norms of life, especially the bad. I know how to deal with problems outside of games, but they are a nice distraction to have here and there.

But what about you? Why do you play video games?

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