Which toy based video game series is the best?


There have been a few games in the past few years that employ a tactic to offer more for a game, be it levels, new characters, abilities and much more that any kid (or kidult) loves: toys! Spyro brought the genre to a massive level with Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure. You’d buy or use toys that came with the game, putting them on a portal, and the toys would come to life in the game! After you’ve used a character until their health is fully gone you simply pick the toy up, put another in its place on the pad, and boom; one character leaves the game while another one jumps in. It’s truly the things of dreams to people who grew up loving video games and playing with toys, and that’s a lot of people for sure.

Since Spyro got thing thing going a few more have jumped all with varying levels of success; for the most part all of them have seen some great things come their way, even with the mess with Disney and their games in general (more on that in a later post at a later time). We had the aforementioned Disney run at it with Disney Infinity, a game that eventually not only mixed Disney characters and themes together but also saw Marvel and Star Wars arrive as Disney bought those companies over the years since they began. And then we have Lego Dimensions, that has so many properties all mixed in one it’s insane, absolutely insane. You build the Lego’s and place them on the play pad (you don’t truly have to build them but these things are too much fun making to NOT build them, am I right?) and just like the other games, you see your characters in the game world.

Truly all 3 are cut from the same cloth, in many ways being very similar. They have some key differences that sets them apart but all in all they’re the same in the gist; so which is the best game? Well like I said, they have differences that set them apart and these differences (depending on what you like) will determine which is the best to you, so let’s get started!Toys for Bob

  1. Skylanders: What sets it apart? Well, for one you play as Spyro and have that element to it. He’s not the main character anymore but that’s something, plus some cross over with Nintendo which is cool as well, plus they have a lot of different games out right now so there is more to do in a lot of ways. Oh and our good friend Crash Bandicoot? He made a large comeback in the latest Skylanders game so in a very large way you have something awesome there. This game series is the current home to Crash and Spyro and that’s a huge point to old school fans of PlayStation.
  2. Disney Infinity: What sets it apart? This may have the strongest lineup depending on what you like. There are a LOT of Disney characters/worlds, including Marvel and Star Wars, so in many ways I think this game has the most solid lineup of all the games. Don’t get me wrong, they all offer some amazing characters and fun, but Disney is Disney and it has a huge lead in that sense. It’s a lot of fun to run around in Star Wars Episode VII in this game for sure, among the many other worlds you can explore as well. Disney Infinity carries the Disney brand in a very strong manner which gives it a huge edge.
  3. Lego Dimensions: What sets it apart? Well this game has a very strong lineup as well; Batman, Lord of the Rings, Lego Movie, Sonic the Hedgehog, Harry Potter, Scooby Doo, Ghostbusters and so much more. This game has the more overall different franchises represented overall and c’mon, Sonic!? That’s awesome! I’m a huge Sonic fan so to see him in this game is a big deal overall. But this game has one more thing that I do believe in a toy sense (which is the point right?) puts it above the others in the most awesome way: the figures you use for the game are toys you can play with! Simply take Sonic off of his platform and Batman too and suddenly you’re playing with a real Lego Batman and Sonic, same for the other characters. That’s plain awesome that you can build and play with these and never play the game if you don’t want; you can buy the figures and play with them and never own the game, whereas the other toy games have awesome figures that are always stuck to the platform they come with. They’re cool toys, don’t get me wrong, but the Lego ones destroy all others in terms of playability.

In case it’s important I didn’t forget Amiibo, the toy project from Nintendo, which is actually pretty solid overall for sure. But I think these other games leave Nintendo in the dust all in all so I didn’t feel the need to discuss them very much; but don’t get me wrong, the ways the toys are used to send characters into battle in Smash Bros, for example, is really cool. All of the toy based games offer something fun and unique, but I have to say Lego Dimensions is the best. It has a massively varied cast and lets you actually build and play with the toys as individual toys, even if you don’t play or even own the video game part of it; and that’s what the toys should be, toys first that just to happen to work in games too.

It’s really up to you which one is best but I have to say that just from the toy angle that for sure it’s all Lego but to be honest you don’t lose if you pick any of the others, why not have them all?

Updated: November 27, 2016 — 12:24 am
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