Where does Sonic go next?


We all, at least us who grew up playing the Sega Genesis, are excited to see Sonic Mania hit in 2017. Especially that collectors edition, man, I’m so pumped for that thing! I can’t wait! And Sonic Boom Fire and Ice has been surprisingly very good. I don’t mean decent. I don’t mean good. I mean very good. This game could be the new normal direction overall for Sonic in the 2D world after Mania and I’d not be disappointed; so long as they find new fun gimmicks to change it up as time goes. We very soon get to enjoy a new Sonic game of sorts in Lego Dimensions which looks great and fun. You get to have Batman and Sonic fight side by side; how can you beat that!? You can’t that’s how. Then we get Project 2017 which looks to be a Generations sequel, though for the record Sega has stated this game isn’t a sequel or anything but is entirely new. (Like how Rocksteady told us the Arkham Knight, the man IN the suit, was an entirely different person we’ve never seen before….how did that turn out? Yup. I’m placing bets this is Generations related no matter what they say).

But…..where do we go from there? Fire and Ice is awesome. Lego Dimensions is a very solid game so the Sonic part is almost a shoe in for success. Even if his personal levels are fails just take Sonic and put him in the other worlds; in other words this well received game means that Sonic will be well received as well. Mania will be a success. Mania will be a Sonic/Segasuccess. Mania will be a success….did I go off track there for a second? Sorry about that. But it’s hard to imagine Mania not being all that we want and more. The 2017 game well we don’t know much about it so judgement has to be a bit reserved there. But where does Sega go if they have all of these successful versions of Sonic?

Do they stick with some formulas and make more and more hoping to keep it going? Or do they try things that are brand new? I’m not sure what the answer should be honestly. But I’m all for more Fire and Ice type of games. Appearing in Dimensions will be huge and if they release more levels as time goes or something that’s a nice way to keep that run with Sonic fresh. Mania will be a legend for years to come I’m assuming so no worries there as far as always having something to turn back to to enjoy. Which I guess you can turn back to these others too but only Mania feels like a tried and true Genesis game sequel; which means the replay value there will be more appreciated in many ways.

I’m not against something totally new and hey, project 2017 may very well be that game. Sega has proven lately that they’re more on the ball than they were before and I can only hope that continues to be the case. Where Sonic goes nobody knows (well outside of Sega naturally) but I have high hopes for the Hedgehog

Updated: October 16, 2016 — 6:49 am
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