What’s your fantasy console?


If you’ve played video games for more than a few years you have a favorite console. Whether it’s the first one you played or the latest you just bought, you’ll have a console that you like the most. Maybe it’s because the controllers are great. Maybe it’s because you love the speed of the console. Maybe it’s the online gameplay abilities that hook you. One way or another, you have a console with its features that you put up top. Mine is the PS4 for the more current consoles (Sega Genesis as overall favorite console). And it has a lot to do with the controller, the games I can play on the console, and other newer features like PS Now. But that doesn’t change that I have an idea or two as to what the perfect game console would be to me, my fantasy console if you will. So I’m going to describe my fantasy console here and maybe you can also share your fantasy console too!

My fantasy console isn’t unique in that it’s a completely original creation. Rather it’ll go back into the past and bring it to the future. My fantasy console would be the Sega Genesis 2.5. It would be the Sega Genesis brought back in modern time! It would have a traditional Sega 6 button controller and also the larger 3 button one as well. There would be no motion controller or special abilities, it would be just like how it was with the original Genesis (except these controllers would be wireless). The games themselves would be 2.5D games, showing most of the game from a 2D perspective with touches of 3D here and there, hence it being the Sega Genesis 2.5. You’d also be able to go online and share gameplay videos with people and play multiplayer. Sonic the Hedgehog 5 would be the first game for the console, and would play like the first several Sonic games but with extra power. You’d also be able to play Genesis 2any of the older Genesis games via emulation offed on the console.

You’d be able to create your own Sonic type character as your avatar. Similar to current consoles, you’d be able to have different accounts. The console would play games via retro looking cartridges or via download. The console would come in several colors, such as black, blue, white, and red. You’d have each game available in HD, giving you the best looking Sega games to date. You can go to a Sega icon and link directly to Sega’s website, that way you can get tips and tricks around the clock if you need them. All of the games would be difficult, like how games used to be in the old days. You’d be able to dull the challenge but you’ll be rewarded with rings if you beat each game on the highest difficulty. The rings could be entered in a drawing on Sega.com and give you the ability to win some cool prizes! Okay, we all know nothing like this will ever happen, but it’s still my top fantasy console. What’s yours? *I know the pictured console is just a Genesis, but since my creation doesn’t exist in drawing form or otherwise I figured this made the most sense*

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