What was the first game that made you love gaming?


If you’re reading this page it’s likely that you are a fan of video games. Whether you’re a casual fan or a major one, you like them. At some point, no matter your gaming experience, you had to play at least one game or series that made you want to keep on playing games. We all have that one game that makes us the most nostalgic, that one game that we can go back to at any time and still be happy playing that. Maybe you can think of several games that make you feel that way? Either way, this post is all about recalling that first game that made you want to play games more and more. For me that game is Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

I played several games when I was a child, such as Donkey Kong and Mario. But the console we had at home was the Sega Genesis, and my first game was Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I played that game for hours and hours. It was such a fun Sonic the Hedgehog 2game, especially with my sisters and others playing as Tails in the game. It gave not only a fun single player experience but also a fun multiplayer one as well! It was a great introduction to video games, one that still can’t be beat in my opinion. I love that Sega recently released Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the android/ios market, but with enhanced visuals, sounds, and even a new level! It truly made what was old feel new again, and since it was the first game I ever played it meant that much more to me.

What Sonic 2 did for me was make me explore other games, such as Sonic 1. I didn’t own that game for a long time but my cousin had it and we played it at his house. I kept up with the Sonic series ever since then, but I also decided that I wanted to see what other video games there were. My parents bought us a new PlayStation after the Genesis days were coming to a close, and there had to be games there too. My parents first bought NASCAR ’98, and I loved that since I was a major NASCAR fan. I then found Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, games that reminded me of Sonic in a way but that were totally different. And the rest is history. Sonic 2 is what started me off in gaming, all the way around. Even my first handheld console, the Game Gear, had Sonic 2 as the first game played. My first home console experience and my first handheld experience were all Sonic 2. And that propelled me to new games and consoles, to the point that I have all the major released consoles of the last few years, minus the Xbox One. Which video game started it all for you?

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