What I’m enjoying about Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth so far! (Vita)


I had to buy the latest Digimon game that came out just a couple of days ago because I’m old school, I’ve loved Digimon ever since it first came out in several forms, from the Anime, Manga, and video games! I loved Digimon World 1 and I have very fond memories of playing it over the years. I have it to this day and every so often I’ll put it in the PS3 and have a good trip down memory lane. I play other Digimon games too but that first one was always my main. The 3rd game was always my second favorite, and I do enjoy Digimon World Story on the DS as well. So I needed to get this one. And let me tell you this game purchase has been one of the best ones I’ve made in recent years. This game is so solid and enjoyable that it could fully survive without having Digimon in it at all, that’s my thought on the game. It’s incredible, and yes in spite of what I just said the Digimon aspect of the game is great as well. Here are the top 5 things I’m loving about the game so far (roughly 9 hours of play time in).

1. The story is great. I won’t be spoiling much of the story either here or later on, I think that does a disservice to ones who may purchase the game later, but rest assured that the story overall is very enjoyable so far. Some of the Digimon games in the past didn’t have good stories, the only real fun was dependent on raising your Digital Monsters and beating others in battle. This game could have no Digimon in it at all and be an incredible game, that’s how much fun this story is to play. Replacing the Digimon could still grant you an incredible game. But the Digimon do a good job adding to the story so I can promise you that you’ll likely enjoy this games plot whether you’re a Digimon fan or not. That’s a very strong thing to have in your corner.

2. This game isn’t for kids. Digimon, much like Pokemon, gets a reputation for being kiddy. And sure, there are kiddy elements in this game such as certain character interactions or even certain cute Digimon. But that’s where it ends. This game isn’t made with kids in mind and you can tell in several major ways. One way is the language. There are several cuss words in this game that I’ve seen so far, some of which have been surprising. Definitely a cut above what any game that’s for kids would ever allow, ever. Another way is there are several sexually suggestive conversations/outfits that are found in the game. Some of it is the typical anime type of stuff you may expect. Some of it is a little more real, if you will, and again goes to show the differences between this game and past Digimon games or Pokemon games. Especially some of the conversatiDIGIons I’ve seen so far. A third way is a particular mission that I just did and the creepiness of it and the content is definitely way out there. I won’t say much about it, to save story spoilers, but one of the characters in this game wants to commit murder and is happy at attempting to do so. There is more to it, which makes it much more creepy,  but I don’t want to spoil too much. Murder, and even suicide, is featured throughout the game, at least according to the point I’m at. It’s very edgy stuff for sure, some of which was a bit of a shock in a Digimon game I must say. I do like seeing the edginess however and from what I’ve read there is more that would be added to what I’ve seen so far, but I won’t mention that since I’ve not seen it myself. *AS A FINAL NOTE IF YOU READ THIS AND HAVE KIDS AND ARE THINKING ABOUT THIS GAME, FROM WHAT I’VE SEEN SO FAR, YOU DON’T WANT TO BUY THIS ONE. IT’S UP TO YOU BUT JUST A WARNING*

3. Digimon! Oh I forgot about them! Sometimes the missions are so engaging and fun that I forget I’m even playing a Digimon game. Then I see times when I love that Digimon is finally back for a great game. The good elements are there: a good battle system that’s simple to get into, a Digimon farm where you can feed your Digimon, train them, etc, and more! This game feels pretty similar in some ways to the Digimon games on the DS, which makes sense since this game is in that same universe. It feels instantly familiar so that’s nice. There are over 200 Digimon in the game and it’s fun to Digivolve them again and take on some of the missions. Not all of them involve your Digimon but the ones that do feel instantly familiar in a lot of ways, so that’s a great thing. The Digimon look the best they ever have in a game so that’s a fun bonus as well. Digimon is back!

4. The music. I have to say that I really like the music in the game so far. From battling to just running round, the team did a great job delivering a good music soundtrack to the game. Music is important in just about all aspects of life and that certainly holds true in the gaming world. Trust me, there’s nothing to worry about here. I haven’t been too annoyed with the music that I’ve muted the game or anything like that and don’t see myself doing so so I’m happy about that.

5. There is a lot to do! This is a bit of a cheat because it does go off of some people who have beat the game but apparently the game can get anywhere between 70-100 hours from you to totally complete it all, and I love the sound of that. It means that there is a lot to do overall and I love the sound of that. Apparently outside of the story there are missions that take place post game so that’s a cool thing to look forward to as well, and other options that will be fun to play around with such as a new game plus.

All in all this game has a lot of meat and I love it so far for sure. Easily my favorite Digimon game for sure and the story and the various other aspects give it an adult feel so you don’t fee like your I.Q. is dropping because you’re playing some kiddy game that you can’t take seriously. Job well done so far I’d say! I may forgo a traditional review for another post that follows this one in a similar vein perhaps that gives my recommendation of the game, since I don’t do scores. (By the way, I highly recommend it so far and see no reason that I’ll change my mind).

Updated: February 6, 2016 — 3:10 pm
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