What I want in the Final Fantasy VII remake.


Although I’ve loved Final Fantasy VII for years I’ve never been too adamant that there needed to be a remake of the hit classic (which all began when a demo of what it could look like on PS3 surfaced, causing major desire across the gaming world). I never was against it but I also didn’t think it was totally necessary. That changed after I saw it announced (first) for the PS4 and what it looks like. Then we get more information and gameplay trailers later on in the year and that kept me very excited for the game. Even through some of the controversy (such as the game being released in episodes as opposed to all at once) I’ve maintained that zeal and can’t wait for the game. But just like everybody else I have what I want to see with the game and what I don’t want to see as well. I don’t think I’m as picky as other people in what I want for the game, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have things I’d really want to see in the game. I have 3 things in particular I’d love to see in this episodic game, so let’s get it on!

1. The battle system needs to retain something familiar. Look, I don’t care if the game is a turn based RPG, at least in a full sense. I love the new RPG’s style of fighting much 7 remakemore than what we had in the past. But even with me feeling that way I want to see something in the battle system be instantly familiar to me and ones like myself who have played the original game. I’ve heard that some form of ATB will be there in amongst the Advent Children/Crisis Core type of battle system. That’s a good thing. The battle system needs to feel fresh and new while still having some things that are heavy on nostalgia and that you recognize from the original system. That’s a must.

2. The story needs to be recognizable. From what I’ve seen in the latest trailer this won’t be an issue at all but it is really something I think that needs to be there. When you’re playing the game each location you visit and each major story point needs to be just as if you are playing the original game just with much better graphics. Will some things be different? Sure, I’d be rather shocked if the story was a 100% copy, but it doesn’t need to fully copy it to be instantly familiar. Just like the battle system; I expect some differences but I’m hoping there are certain parts that feel instant too. I want more of the story to be like the past, as opposed to the battle system where I only care if a bit or two are familiar. I don’t want a bit or two to be familiar in the story, the entire story should feel like what we know and expect, even with the differences that’ll inevitably occur. But like I said, I don’t see this being an issue.

3. But to reverse that a bit, I want to see a lot of new content, story and otherwise. Yes, I want what we are familiar with to be there fully, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be new story content shown and shared that didn’t exist before. I believe I read that Square is trying to do just that so I’m glad that’s the case. While the game needs to be instantly familiar in many ways it also needs to feel brand new and fresh. Cashing in on the nostalgia is very important but this is also a chance to flesh the game out even more than we ever knew was possible. I have no doubt Square will be taking care of this game and trying to do as much as possible and I truly hope that includes a ton of new story and options. Maybe extended date scenes, I don’t know, anything like that would be great.

Time will tell on this game but I have very high hopes. Square Enix knows that this is a major game to fans, to this day the original is the best selling individual Final Fantasy title of all time, so you can bet Square will want to launch this one out of the ballpark. Let’s hope they do!

Updated: January 23, 2016 — 1:38 am
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