What I prefer about PlayStation All Stars vs Smash Bros.


Nintendo came up with something incredible when they created Super Smash Bros. There had been tons of fighting games before, so in that way it wasn’t anything groundbreaking, but how many of those took characters from all over Nintendo and put them in one huge fighting game? None. Smash Bros is appealing because it taps into just about everything in Nintendo’s history, whether it’s the fighters, the stages, or the trophies you can collect. Even the items you use during fights are historic in a way. It was truly something magical and different, and it continues to be such down to this day. I recently bought the 3DS version of Smash Bros, and the series is still as strong as ever, if not more strong. You can play as Mario, Mega Man, Pac Man, and Sonic. Those are some of the biggest game characters in all of history, and they are all in one place! That’s incredibly awesome, and there is another Smash coming to Wii U next month. The series is still very strong. But somebody decided to try to cash in on the mascot fight that Nintendo made so massive. That somebody is Sony.

They created a game that’s very much based on Smash Bros. I don’t know if that’s officially confirmed, but it’s far too similar to not have been based on it at least a little bit. It has the same general formula: you take some of PS All Starsthe top Sony characters of all time and get them to all fight each other. You have all of the familiar locations and items as well. There are a few differences between PS All Stars and Smash Bros that I think makes PS All Stars a bit better, even if only slightly. The first thing is how you score points. In Smash Bros you do this by simply knocking the characters off the level. It’s simple but if you play a good person then you’ll see that this can be a real challenge. In PS All Stars you score by building up a special attack bar. You either attack at level 1, 2 or 3, with the attack becoming more powerful as you hit the higher levels. I think that’s more enjoyable than just hitting a guy off the screen. It takes a bit more to win, at least to me. That’s not to say I don’t love the Smash Bros way, but I think PS All Stars did a better job at how you get points.

But that’s not all. The other thing that PS All Stars does that I really is the fact that they added a story for each character. You’ll see Nathan Drake, for an example, in his world doing his own thing. He gets a reason to go on this adventure (which is the game itself), he meets a main rival that he talks to before fighting, and then you see his adventure end with him being back in his own world. Smash Bros has done story modes in the past, and it is really enjoyable. But I think PS All Stars did a better job really showing the different characters coming from their normal world into the adventure. For sure this game did a much better than the first Smash Bros on the story, which is a fair comparison since it’s the first in a series itself. I can see myself playing all of the Uncharted games and believing that Nathan went on this wild adventure, before returning for normal life. This game did a great job showing this. Between the story and the way you get points, I think PS All Stars is slightly up on the Smash Bros series. But with the Wii U Smash coming soon that may soon change. How do you feel about PS All Stars?

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