Want to work in gaming as a blogger or something similar?


Then I have some recommendations for you! I wish I was having a lot of success with this page, well to the point that I was offering a job or somesuch, that would be incredible. The page is taking off however so who knows one day! But there are a few places you can narrow your search down to if you’re wanting to work in gaming so I wanted to give you some recommendations and help you avoid some typical scams. There’s no way that one of you reading this aren’t interested in working in gaming so feel free to apply some of the tips in this list and I hope it goes well for you in your endeavors!

  1. Talk to the companies directly. Want to work at Sega? Go to their website and check the Career button. How about Microsoft? Same thing there, and the same for any of the bigger companies. Go to their website and see if they’re hiring in something you can bring to the table. You can’t beat going straight to the sources themselves. But what if that’s not working or they don’t offer anything you need or can give?
  2. Go to gamejournalismjobs.com. There are a variety of options there of groups that are hiring RIGHT NOW for people to blog about gaming! Some are volunteer based that have options for making money later, but some of them are willing to pay now provided you fit the bill for the site and can get the job. Just like any other job of course. The list updates as time moves which is to be expected as jobs shift and new ones are needed, but as of this second there are hiring, paid positions available for gaming writers, so I recommend you give that a look. And don’t overlook the freelance work either, you never know what that can turn into if you have the time to stick with it.jobs
  3. Indeed.com. Go there, type in what you’re wanting to to, and see what’s hiring. For example, I just typed in video game blogger (not connected to any particular State or city or anything) and found positions that are hiring right now. You can also get specific if you want. For example, I just typed in video game tester for Richardson, TX (because I knew about the city from previous searches) and there is a temporary job opening to test games for a week, for 40 hours and $8 an hour. You don’t have to type that city in that’s just an example, but those jobs are still hiring as of this typing, so these methods are definitely worth more looking into.
  4. How about Gamestop or some other gaming place? You can always work in gaming in the “normal” ways if you want. I know, that’s not what everybody wants, but it’s still a way to be in gaming that may be enjoyable, so why not? Somebody has to man the registers, may as well be you!

There may be yet other ways to see if you can work in the gaming field but look into these 4 ways because if you fit the bill, try hard, and find an opening it’s likely you’ll find something good for you! Let me know in the comments if you can think of any other way too!

Updated: November 11, 2016 — 10:54 pm
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