Want or need to sell some games? Here are some options.


This post will take a different direction from what I normally talk about and that’s not a bad thing, it’s good to change things up here and there. Generally speaking we as gamers love to collect games, consoles, merchandise relating to certain games, and things of the sort. And overall we try to keep what we have so we have something fun to go back to later. But sometimes it’s just not feasible to keep what we have and we trade things in or sell them outright. Sometimes we don’t like a particular game or get so detached from a particular console we can’t imagine playing it again so we sell it, or we have any number of other reasons as to why we want to trade or sell our games and consoles. Our reason are our own, the reason doesn’t matter in the long run in a lot of ways. The point of this post is to help point you in a solid direction or two that’ll help you see what/where you can go to get some trading done or selling! Let’s begin! (In no particular order)

  1. Gamestop (or similar game store). You can sell just about any of your games at Gamestop or your consoles, and if you’re a member you’ll get more for your trade, whether you’re after cash or after the pure trade value. Granted you won’t always get the best deal if you go straight to a store like this; but generally it’s easy to do and doesn’t involve having to meet anybody at their home or yours *things later in this list will make thisSell your stuff sentence make more sense* so there’s that. It’s not the best bang for your buck in my opinion but it’s one of the easiest options so it’s something to keep in mind.
  2. Pawn Shops. I don’t ever go to pawn shops personally when it comes to selling my games but it’s certainly an option. Find one in the local area that’ll give you a decent deal on your games/consoles and if you’re not sure you can always call, if all else fails.
  3. Ebay/Amazon. I’ve never run a store on either site but you see a TON of used gaming items of all varieties on each site so it’s an option for sure. I’m sure there is more involved with this step than the other 2 mentioned so far or the others I plan on mentioning. But it works if you know what you’re doing and are able to get your feet on solid ground on either site, so it’s certainly worth looking into for sure. I prefer Amazon myself but that part doesn’t matter in the end; find which site works best for you and can be the easiest to navigate, find out what’ll be expected from you as a seller and meet that in a prompt and courteous manner. That’ll go well for you and you’ll have happy customers, which is always a plus.
  4. Call your family or friends. Maybe one of them will want something you’re wanting to sell? Maybe this is an obvious point but still some people tend to overlook that family and friends may have an interest in what you are offering. I know for sure I tend to forget to try this and then after I find out somebody would have bought something I had for more than I got from Gamestop and it always makes me think dang, should have asked around first.
  5. Speaking of asking around, use Facebook to sell your stuff. I’m sure this is true anywhere you are but in my area we have a page that’s set up for people living in my county to meet and buy/sell items within a certain area. Sure, there’s the thought of having strangers come to your home or having to meet them, there are definitely some precautions you should take. But this is a great option and you’ll find that as long as you aren’t trying to sell an old game for $60 when it’s normally $20 or something like that that you’ll get what you’re asking for, which is much better than other options. No shipping needed or major other things like Ebay/Amazon either, so this has some pluses to keep in mind.

These are some of the top selling ideas I can think of personally. They’re varied and have their own rules and it’s worth weighing the pros and cons of each path or even other paths before you fully commit to something. But all in all if you’re wanting to sell and get cash you’ll find that any of these paths can and will work, so long as you’re willing to put in the time and effort. Take the proper precautions, be smart, be fair and courteous, and you’ll find success.

Updated: November 12, 2016 — 12:11 am
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