Video game rating scores: needed or not?


I’ve been to a ton of video game websites over the last few years, sticking to a few of the more major ones most of the time. They will cover games and you’ll see them review most of the major games that come out. The reviewer will give their opinion on why a game works or doesn’t, using several paragraphs to fill in everything they think, and typically at the bottom of the page you’ll see the numerical score. There are a lot of Sonic Jump Fever reviewpeople who really go on the score and think a game’s worth is truly measured by such a number. Others think it’s basically pathetic and that you should form your own opinion on the game. Others take both roads, thinking overall scores are helpful but state that they’ll try the game to see what they think. So what do you think? I do believe that if a game gets a generally overall positive score it’s more worth a look. But sometimes I’ll see games that get pretty bad ratings, like the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World, and they are games that I love playing. So it’s not a science. Do you think ratings are important in determining whether you’re interested in a game or are they just numbers?

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