Video game music that I recommend!


Wait, recommend as in like a playlist recommendation you may ask upon reading the title of this post? (Even if you didn’t think that humor me). Yes, that’s correct! Who of us who play video games hasn’t spent some time in a level longer than necessary just to hear the song loop around one last time? Or likes a certain boss because of the theme in the game? Or so on? We all have at one point or another, for sure. I’m like several of you I’m sure, I don’t just listen in game, but I’ll download the songs so I can listen to them whenever; while cleaning, working, driving, anytime! So on that note I figured I’d share some of the songs I have downloaded from YouTube Red and recommend them to you! You may not care but hey it’s all in good fun and by all means if you know of any good game soundtracks to listen to on the go please recommend them in the comments!

I have a lot of game music so I don’t think I’ll mention each and every song but I’ll do it by game title and share some of the good tracks I have from each one in my phone, sound good? Okay here we go! (By the way, I just use YouTube Red as I stated so I go to YouTube, type in the title of a song, download it, etc. So just type in the tile of the songs I put down and you’ll find them on YouTube easily).

Sonic Mania: There isn’t much to say here since the game has so very little released in the form of music right now, but Studiopolis Zone has a jammin’ soundtrack and is worthy of being in your phone for sure!

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: The first games boss theme, the clown like music. It’s catchy to me for some reason. It’s a bit on the silly side but it’s not a bad theme if you give it time to grow on you!

Sonic Adventure DX: Challenge of Another Aim is the music when you’re choosing a challenge and I love this music, it’s very kick ass to say the least, so it’s definitely a good one. Windy Valley 3 is another track I have from the same game, as well as Final Egg 1. If you’ve ever played the game you know how good the music was and in spite of how poorly the game has dated graphically and gameplay wise the music is still top notch.gamemusic

Crash Bandicoot (varying games): I have Crashes to Ashes from The Wrath of Cortex, easily one of my favorite battle themes from any of the Crash games. Then we have Compactor Reactor from WoC as well. Pogo Painter, Space Bash from Crash Bash as well as the Warp Room music. These are some great Crash themes.

Spyro the Dragon (varying games): I have Midnight Mountain Home theme from the 3rd game, Lofty Castle from the first one, Summer Forest Home World from the 2nd game, Spike’s Arena from the 3rd, as well as Dry Canyon from the first game as well, alongside Icy Peak from the 3rd game.

Sonic Heroes: Power Plant, Mystic Mansion, This Machine, Special Stage: Emerald Challenge, Special Stage: Bonus Challenge, Grand Metropolis.

Final Fantasy IX: Loss of Me (Beatrix Theme), The Soulless Village Bran Bal, Slew of Love Letters, We are Thieves!, Ruins of Madain Sari, Gargan Roo, You’re not Alone, Those Whom I must Protect Theme of Tantalus, Terra.

Final Fantasy XIII: The Vestige, Defiers of Fate, Will to Fight, Sabers Edge, Test of the L’Cie and Eidolons. Say what you will about XIII but it has an awesome soundtrack.

Rayman 1: The Band Awakens.

Mario: Underground Theme Super Mario World.

Donkey Kong Country Returns: Factory Friction, Slammin’ Steel.

All of these are great gaming soundtracks that belong in your phone if you have the ability to get them! Like I said if you know of any others that should be listened to let me know in the comments!



Updated: September 16, 2016 — 10:10 pm
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