Updated Patreon!


I started streaming on March 23rd of this year on my Gamer’s Zone Facebook Page. When I got started I had a few folks who liked the stream, or I assume they did, based on the fact that they asked if there was a place to donate. There wasn’t. I hadn’t had a Patreon or PayPal or anything of that sort set up at the time. But since I had requests I Facebook Gamingdecided to pursue those, which wasn’t all that hard to be honest. But I wasn’t totally happy with the tiers on the Patreon page that I had set from before, so I recently updated them! I’m going to talk a bit about that with this post!

The most important element to me of receiving support is giving back. I mean I very much appreciate that some who watch want to support me; I certainly won’t stand in the way of that! I’ve been on the other side many times, it’s a nice feeling to give and see the reaction and such. But I wanted to ensure that if any one person gave money to me, to support the streams, that they’d get something nice back! So let’s talk about the three tiers I have set up there right now.

Tier 1 – $1: A front of the page link share! Anybody who gives a donation will get something back, or at least the offer. For example, with this tier you get a link shared to the front of the page. I have a reach of more than 100K people every month, so that gives you a chance to get noticed for your own YouTube channel, Twitch page, or what have you. If you don’t have one you can always have another shared in its place or just simply support and not have a link shared.

Tier 2 – $2: Sponsor a stream! What I’ll do with this one is do one 2 hour stream that’s sponsored by you (in essence your page or channel, or whatever you’d like attention drawn to). I’ll do this on Facebook more than likely, since that has a lot more eyes on it. I’ll have a link at the top of the description so that more people are able to see and notice your link. I can also pin the link in the comments of the stream and draw attention to it as I go. You also get a direct link shared on the front of the page, you get the Tier 1 apart from the Tier 2!

Tier 3 – $3: Gamer Zone Blog interview! With this you not only get the Tier’s 1 and 2 benefits, but you also get a special Patreon Interview here on the channel! If you hadn’t noticed I’ve been doing some Top Fan interviews from the Facebook Top Fans. You’ll Patreonessentially get that, but it also comes with the above so that’ll give it more than the usual interviews. Plus I’ll post it in more locations as well, that way you’re even more likely to get noticed!

I really appreciate the thought, much less the action, that somebody would want to donate anything to me to support me. I really just love that so much, it’s amazing that anybody would want to! And I know that there are bits on Twitch and stars on Facebook with their Level Up Program, so there are organic ways if you will that people can use to support a streamer. But this option, since it was requested, is available too! And each dollar you give gets something for you too! So thanks for taking the time to read this, and thank you for enjoying the streams and supporting the Gamer’s Zone!



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