Uncharted Golden Abyss review.

I remember hearing about Uncharted for the first time right around the time the series came out. I wasn’t impressed enough to follow it, which was likely helped by the fact that I didn’t even have a PS3 at the time. I heard off and on that it was a major series but I never really wanted to tackle the series. Not until the PS Vita came out that is. I don’t care which console it is that comes out, you want a big game to go alongside your purchase. I had a few games that I was interested in already before having the console in my hands, and Uncharted was one of them. I thought it was a good time to see what the game series was all about, plus I had heard that it took advantage of the PS Vita’s functionality in a good way so I wanted to have a more serious game that had all of the glitz and glam as well. Not only was it a great early purchase for my Vita but I think I count it as my favorite on the Vita, which says something because I have more than a few Vita games.

The thing I liked about the game out of the gate was the graphics. It looked awesome. I’m not somebody who’s all about the graphics first and foremost; the main point to a game is that it’s fun to play, but you may as well make the game look great, and Golden Uncharted PS VitaAbyss looks incredible. I also liked Nathan Drake a lot. He’s likeable and sort of goofy in a way but serious all the same. I like having relatable characters to play as, and I knew pretty quickly that this was a character I’d be interested in playing as and learning more about. The story in the game is interesting, one you want to follow to the end. There are a ton of things to discover in the game too apart from the main story, which is always a plus. You can even power-up cards in the Uncharted Fight for Fortune game from Golden Abyss, which is pain awesome. I just bought Fight for Fortune and I’m replaying Golden Abyss so I can see what cards I can gain or power up. This game is a great one to play, easily among the very best you’ll find on the Vita. So here are my likes and dislikes for the game!

Likes: Graphics are great, great voice acting, good story, good use of PS Vita functions, tie-in to Fight for Fortune, extras to pursue.


Dislikes: There wasn’t a Vita followup.

That’s my only dislike. I wish another Uncharted game, outside of Fight for Fortune, appeared on the console. I don’t care if it’s a far back prequel or a sequel that’s past what Uncharted 4 will be (I know, that would never happen). Anything would make me happy! But it doesn’t look like that’ll be the case, so this 10/10 game will have to do. I think it’s the perfect game for the Vita and I recommend you give it a shot if you’ve not done so by now.

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