Trophies/achievements and online leaderboards!


When you first start up a new video game it’s exciting! There is an entire new story and world for you to interact with, one that you’ve not fully done before. There are a lot of fun things to search for in the game as you play it, giving you more to do than simply go from one place to another. You can even play with friends on some of the latest and greatest games, whether it’s on the same couch or through online multiplayer. But eventually you conquer the main game. You eventually collect all of the other bonus items that may add to the story. At that time the game may not seem as exciting as it did at first. Sure, it’s still fun, but that brand new feel is gone. Then you may wonder: what’s next? Well there are a few things you can do to keep things going in the game, and I don’t mean simply replaying the game over and over. They are trophies/achievements and the online rankings.

It hasn’t always been the case that there have been trophies/achievements in video games. What they do is add more replay value to games, and sometimes they make certain challenges that much more difficult. One may be that you have to beat the entire video game within a certain time. Another may be you can only get a trophy/achievement if you never upgrade your character from the beginning to the end. Some have you look for certain items that are harder to find than what’s normally the option in the game. Things like this make playing the games more that much better. You aren’t simply replaying the game over and over; you’re aiming to do something that may be hard to do. It gives you more to pursue, and that’s a good thing. But that’s not the only thing you have to give games that much more spice. TrophiesThere is also the online leaderboards that many games feature.

They’re different from the trophies/achievements in that they typically aren’t all that much different from the norm of playing a game. But it gives you the ability to compete with friends and people all around the world to see who’s the best at a particular event. Look at Sonic Generations for example. It’s a fun Sonic game that has several unique levels to play through. At the end of the level you’re given the time you beat the level by and a final score. Those can be added online to see who beat any one particular level with the fastest speed. It’s taking what you’d already do playing the game and giving you something to aim for. I’ve done it, tried to do better and better to climb the ranks, and it’s a lot of fun. I don’t think it offers as much as the trophies/achievements do, but I definitely think it’s something that adds great replay value to a video game. Which do you consider the best when you are looking for more reasons to play a game?

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