Top Wii games to get!


There are tons of games for the Nintendo Wii. Some of them, actually a lot of them, are pretty crappy. Shovel ware is all over the place on the Wii. All major consoles have them but it felt like the Wii was drowning in them. But that’s more than okay when you consider how many awesome games are out on the console! From the casual to the serious, the Wii is one of the best consoles I’ve ever played. The balance of games is something great and the price of the console can’t be beat, whether back when it was new or even now. I’ve played several of the larger games and decided that I’d give my voice to some of the better games that you should look into getting! By this time you very well may have played all of them, but either way, it’s fun to remember the great games from a great console.

First off you can’t go wrong with Wii Sports. It’s a great game that helps show off what the Wii can do with the Wii-mote. I love it specifically for the bowling segment. There are other games to play, but I’d literally load this game up just about any day just for the bowling. That’s not true for the other games, though they are fun too. This game is a must have for any Wii owner! I’d put right alongside this game as a must have Smash Bros Brawl. All of the Smash games have been a smashing (pun intended) success, and the Wii version is no different. It offers a lot of great gameplay whether you’re playing all by yourself or with friends. I’ve played it both ways, and I have to say that playing with friends is the most fun part of this game or any of the other Smash games, but if you don’t like to play with others then you still have plenty you can do. It looks Wii gamesgreat and plays just as well, so this is a must have for you.

There are other games that you need to look into getting as well. Several great games I never played so I can’t really say from experience what they’re worth, but there are a couple of more that I have to say must be on the shelf next to your Wii. The first of those is Donkey Kong Country Returns. This game is absolutely incredible in every possible way. Not only is the music great and nostalgic, but the gameplay is very solid and is greatly enjoyable. It’s my favorite two player Wii game by far. The game feels instantly familiar if you’ve played the original Donkey Kong Country games and it offers new experiences at the same time. That’s a perfect double whammy. It’s very challenging, but the game is a gem that can’t be missing from your shelf. The last major Wii game that I think you must have is Super Mario Galaxy.

This doesn’t specifically refer to both of the Galaxy games, since as of now I’ve only played the first game. This game is like the Donkey Kong, the perfect game for the series. It’s Mario, which we are all familiar with by now, but this time you are going to different galaxies and planets, of completely different varieties, to complete the game. The fact that the game takes place in space in many ways is exciting to me, since I’ve always loved outer space since I was a kid. Space or not, this game is very precise overall. I’ve had a few issues with the motion controller giving me a fit, but other than that I have to say this game is great. The levels are so unique and enjoyable that it’s hard to put this game down after a session. That’s good for any game. There are other great games that you should buy for the Wii if you haven’t already, but I have to put these games at the very top of the list.

Updated: January 16, 2015 — 1:41 am
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