Top 3 Desires for Kingdom Hearts 3


Well, guys, we’ve almost made it. FINALLY we are almost at the release of Kingdom Hearts 3! It has been a long wait, filled with years of extra (but also fun) games between Kingdom Hearts 2 and now, but we’re just about a month off! Unless you’re one of the people who have the leaked version earlier, but for the vast majority of us that’s not the case. There are still several things we don’t know about the game, some of which I really want to see in Kingdom Hearts 3. So I decided to make a list of the top 3 things that I personally desire to be in the game! And I know for a fact that the 3 things I’m wanting aren’t exclusive to me and my life, there’s no question I’ve seen many ask for the same things. So let’s get into it and see what (hopefully) makes the final cut!

1. Final Fantasy Characters.

Final Fantasy Kingdom Hearts 3

Will Cloud return in KH3? I hope so!

This is a big one for me. This series when it began was all about the magic and mystery of a video game mashup that featured Donald Duck and Goofy alongside Cloud Strife and Aerith “best girl” Gainsborough. (Note, if Aerith isn’t best girl in your eyes you’re wrong). It also featured some new original characters that weren’t from Final Fantasy or Disney directly. It was just an insane idea that really worked, quite well! But lately we don’t get many Final Fantasy characters in the Kingdom Hearts games, minus the ever present Moogles. We need more than that in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that the original characters have more strength and can stand on their own now. Back when Kingdom Hearts first dropped we all knew Disney and Final Fantasy. We didn’t know Sora, Riku, and Kairi. Or Ansem, or the Heartless, none of them. The game really relied on the Final Fantasy folks and the Disney characters, for sensible reasons. The audience knew those characters so it made it easy to get into the game right off the bat. Come for the recognized characters, stay for the OC’s and the story.

But as the Sora’s and Aqua’s of the world grew more and more over the years the Final Fantasy characters fell to the side. And to an extent that’s fine, it’s good they had their OC’s grow and become what they now are. It’ll make Kingdom Hearts 3 that much better. But this all started as a Disney/Final Fantasy mashup, and we’re lacking that element in recent entries. It’s, frankly, insane that we’re about a month out and STILL aren’t 100% sure whether there are any Final Fantasy characters at all in the game! I sincerely hope there are at least a few strong cameos.

2. DLC to expand Kingdom Hearts 3, not spin-offs.

It took a long time to get from Kingdom Hearts 2 to finally getting 3. More than 13 years to be exact. In the meantime between those titles we had several spin-off games. And I have to say, minus Coded, I really enjoyed all of them! So I’m fully for them and what they represent. I’d argue that Kingdom Hearts 3 has a lot more value now because of those games as opposed to if we simply went from 2 to 3 directly. So I think getting more of those, eventually, is a great thing. Especially if we got a spin-off game for the Switch. It’s not getting Kingdom Hearts 3, so why not give Switch only owners a fun Kingdom Hearts experience for themselves?

But I think overall it would be great to cut down on some of the spin-off games. Again, sure, let’s see at least one on the Switch, I think it more than deserves one. But aside from that why not make future adventures for the next couple of years come via big updates to Kingdom Hearts 3? The DLC could be directly an expansion of Kingdom Hearts 3 itself, picking up somewhere either after the main ending or alongside the main story, possibly expanding on events that are happening off screen.

Disney DLC

C’mon, we MUST learn more about his epic beard!

Or maybe we can get history DLC featuring characters such as Yen Sid, I know folks have requested to see more of his past in the Kingdom Hearts universe. I think ideas like this can be a great thing for Kingdom Hearts 3. Think of DLC in vein of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep. We could get a full world here or there, giving more depth to the base experience from 3. Think of the Comrades and character DLC’s for Final Fantasy XV. Some of those play out as strong ties to the main story, while the Comrades expansion takes place in a very empty place in the story, one that allows for a lot of room for customization and has the freedom of not being strongly tied into the original narrative. In theory we could get both DLC that expands the base story as well as DLC that plays in a bit of a larger unexplained story area. I think what they did with XV, regardless of some folks personal feelings toward that game, was great as far as DLC was concerned. Until we got some of that cancelled recently, but that’s a story for another time.

3. Multiplayer!

One other area we could see the DLC expand to is via multiplayer. I’d LOVE to see that happen in the game! That element, alongside what I just mentioned, could be huge in keeping Kingdom Hearts 3 alive and well for years to come. Especially if the multiplayer is done right. Now, I’m not sure what I’d specifically want out of a multiplayer. Well, I know what I want, but I know it’s not likely. I’d love to see a way to have a 5 way run through a slot in the game together with you and 4 buddies. Or maybe make it a Sora, Donald, Goofy only multiplayer. Where you can have the “lead” slot and you invite 2 friends to play as Donald and Goofy for you! I mentioned the 5 since you can have up to 5 characters in the party at once now, but let’s assume Disney/Square would only support those 3. I’d love that.

Or the rumors I’ve heard, that there will indeed be multiplayer (offline) that allows you to play as two Keyblade bearers and fight alongside each other in the game. I doubt it’s

Kingdom Hearts 3 Multiplayer

I’d be VERY OK with this coming back!

through the main story, as awesome as that would be. If done in a similar style to Birth by Sleep’s Mirage Arena I can see Kingdom Hearts 3 having a LOT more replay value than it would normally. How fun would that be!? And I’m pretty sure we can count on there being a lot of bosses in the game, bonus fights, mini games, and more that’ll keep things quite busy in the base game. Multiplayer would only push the replay value to new heights and I’m all for that, especially seeing as how long the wait for Kingdom Hearts 3 has been!

Online multiplayer would ultimately be the coolest thing I think since that would open up a lot more folks you could play with, but if it’s couch co-op only, as rumored, I’d be OK with that. I keep saying as rumored because some claim that it has officially leaked that that’ll be in the game, but I’ve seen nothing as of 12-26-2018 that confirms that for sure it’ll be there. Until this is confirmed it’s a top desire. I just really hope this point, alongside the other 2, occurs in Kingdom Hearts 3. We don’t have long to wait now to finally find out what all is there!

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