Top 2019 Games #1: Kingdom Hearts 3


There are a lot of great games hitting stores in 2019, and so I decided since we’re now officially in the new year that I’d do some posts dedicated to those games! There’s no real method behind the posts, no dedicated post formula if you will. I simply plan on talking about the games a bit, discussing what I’m looking forward to with each game, their release dates, etc. I’m sort of kicking around a couple of format ideas when it comes to doing these posts so I may experiment a bit with the different ideas and see which I like the most! So let’s start off with what will undoubtedly be the biggest game of 2019 (for me and millions more), Kingdom Hearts 3!

The game: Kingdom Hearts 3.

Why it’s a 2019 top game for me: Because I love the franchise and have been with it since day 1!

Plaftorm(s)Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One.

Release Date: January 29th 2019.

Price: $59.99.

Anticipation level: 10/10, through the roof!

OK, so with those points listed now I’m going to go a bit more into the base post itself. I know, that’s different. Normally you hit the bullet point type moments at the bottom, but I decided I’d mix it up a bit. Introduce some main points for the game, why I’ve got it on such a list, etc. With that said, there’s no way Kingdom Hearts 3 isn’t my top 2019 game. There is nothing that is or could be coming this year that’ll compare to this game for me. I’ve been with Kingdom Hearts since the outset, way back in 2002. I’ve been through all the ups and downs of the series, with every character and their stories. So having the ability to wrap things up in Kingdom Hearts 3 easily outweighs any of the other desires for the other 2019 games.

That’s not to say I don’t have a lot coming out this year that I’m not pumped for, I very much do! There are several titles right off the bat I can think of that I really do want to play. CTR Nitro Fuel, Sonic Team Racing, Metroid Prime 4 (PLZ come this year), Digimon Survive, and more! But those just can’t top the desire to join Sora, Donald, and Goofy in one last Kingdom Hearts 3 Monsters Incadventure in the finale of the Xehanort Saga. I’m very much in the mood to see how that saga ends and who we get to save (we must save Aqua, we must!!) and everything else!

I plan on really taking my time with the game. I don’t plan on just going as slowly as possible, but I also don’t want to rush this game. I’ve been waiting on this game far, far too long to rush through it. I will be starting off in Proud mode and making my way around the game from there. I plan on pursuing the Platinum trophy for the game too, my first for the Kingdom Hearts series! I never did it with 1.5, 2.5, or 2.8, so why not make it a goal with Kingdom Hearts 3? I want to simply take the entire game in and have it last as long as possible!

One good thing is that, post Kingdom Hearts 3 release day, we still have more to look forward to. Not only are we getting the epilogue and secret movie added via free DLC but we still have the mobile game Union X that we can play! It’s not like when we all beat Kingdom Hearts 2 and didn’t have anything new to look forward to. We know for a fact that Kingdom Kingdom Hearts 3 Olympus Hearts 3 will be getting more added to it, plus we have the what will be still running mobile game. That doesn’t include the Kingdom Hearts VR game for the PSVR game too, though that’ll be on the very short side. So unlike when we all got done with the 2nd title 40 years ago there will be current, new Kingdom Hearts adventures to enjoy in the meantime!

I mean, sure, the mobile game can’t compare to the excitement of Kingdom Hearts 3. There’s nothing else that’s out that’s KH related that can compare to that honestly. But it’s still a nice point to keep in mind! I know that I’m very far from alone in being pumped that Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally almost here! Less than a month to go guys!!! This is easily my most anticipated game for the year, it had to be the lead-in when it comes to a series like this. What aspect of Kingdom Hearts 3 has you most excited? Let me know in the comments!

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