Tips and tricks: Dragon Age Inquisition and Sonic Runners!


I don’t always give tips and tricks, mostly because I don’t always feel like I’ve played a particular game enough to give great tips. But lately I’ve found a few things in each of the major games I’ve been playing that I feel confident in when it comes to giving tips on how to succeed. None of these games are beaten games for me, I’m still making progress, but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t run across a thing or two that you may find helpful! Even if you already know all that I’m going to be typing, that’s cool too. Let us know in the comments some of your tips for any of the games you play as well!

The first game is Dragon Age Inquisition. The first tip I have for you on this game is do do the side missions, don’t just ignore them. Their importance is shown as the game moves forward, with you needing so many points earned to move forward in the story. Plus as you do them you’ll find yourself leveling up at a good pace, which again helps on the main missions you have to do. You also want to be sure to level up your equipment and make sure you have top notch stuff. Nothing’s worse in this game than when you’re in a fight with some of the enemTipsies and you get overrun because you don’t have good equipment. Make sure you stay on top of that as you play the game. Remember this last tip too: you can change the difficulty down if you need to. That’s not something a lot of gamers are willing to do, and I can understand why, but it’s still an option, so keep that in mind if you’ve run into a challenge that’s a bit too tough to take down.

My next game is Sonic Runners. Some of the tips here are just plain obvious but they really do help in the game. For one, you want to make sure you have at least one ring at all times if you can (which is the Sonic norm). Besides falling in a hole or stopping entirely against a wall’s incline, the only way you can die in this game is if you get hit without having a ring, and in the faster segments it’s sometimes easy to miss some of the rings while the obstacles are relentless, so you want to put forth extra effort for them. You also need to make sure you have great companions you take into the level, especially if their types match the main or secondary character. The abilities they offer vary greatly, so be sure to exchange them as needed and stay on top of having the best team you can. You also, if you have a ton of rings on the main menu, want to be sure to have the ability selected to play as your secondary character if your first one dies, that way you have that much more of a chance to get a high score. And keep in mind that when you hit the springs that launch you up and across chasms that you want to hit the screen over and over to build up more points and add more to your score. The same is true when you use the laser wisp: hit the screen over and over and you’ll draw the collectibles back to you.

Those are the first two games and tips, and there will be more to come! Some of them will be older games from the past, but a tip is a tip right? Some will feature cheat codes, others advice, and others something else entirely. But what about you? What tips do you have for either of the games mentioned here?

Updated: April 11, 2015 — 10:50 pm
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