This is what I want from the PS4. How about you?


Sony recently revealed that the PS4 has sold over 13.5 million units within its first year of being out. That’s incredibly impressive, especially when you consider that the almost 2 year old Wii U hasn’t even put up 8 million yet. I’ve stated that I don’t think Nintendo is in trouble but I think the Wii U is, and I still feel that way. The reason? Super Mario 3D World. Mario Kart 8. New Super Mario Bros U. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. Wind Waker HD. Nintendo has these and so much more out and yet it can’t keep up with a PS4 that allegedly has “no games” as I read so often. Then that really shows that Nintendo is in bad shape, if it can’t catch a console that offers nothing. But that doesn’t mean Sony needs to rest. They need to do a lot of things to keep the PS4 in the great position it finds itself in. What does Sony need to do? In short they need to make the PS4 appealing to potential customers. That may be obvious but it’s worth stating. I, however, already own a PS4. So I’m going to list a few things I’d like to see from Sony to keep the PS4 fresh for myself and other gamers who have one as well.

For one, they definitely need to have a strong lineup. The PS Vita, while getting some good games here and there, is in pretty rough shape because it doesn’t have a lot of major games on it consistently. Sure, 3rd party developers support it fairly well, but you need support from everywhere to maintain a console. Sony needs to make sure they leave tons of options on the table for PS4 owners. I think of games like Batman Arkham Knight. LittleBigPlanet 3. Uncharted 4. Gran Tuismo 7. Final Fantasy XV. Kingdom Hearts III, and others. I know that Batman, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Heats will also be on the Xbox One, but it’s still a reason to keep a PS4 owner like myself happy. Sony needs to make sure that there are a ton of quality games for the system. The more that are unique to the PS4 the PS4better, especially if the games aren’t easy to complete and give a ton of replay value. People buy game consoles to play games, so this is the biggest thing that Sony needs to stay on top of if they want current owners to be happy.

I think Sony has hit on something great with their PS Now. Basically it allows you to stream PS3 games to your PS4, with PS1,2, and even 4 games planned eventually. That is just plain cool! That’s not even including how you can use the PS Now on your Vita too. You can start a PS Now game on your Vita, save and quit, and reload right where you left off on the PS4. That’s cool to me. It gives you the ability to continue your gaming even if the TV is being used. You need a good internet signal, but if you have one you’ll be in good shape. They need to work on their pricing, and maybe even offer a subscription in the future, but other than that the PS Now is a cool service. I think Sony needs to keep up the content there as well if they want people to be happy. If there are good prices and a ton of games, old and new, what’s not to like?

The next thing I think Sony needs to do is something a bit open. I think that they need to make the console more powerful with time, with updates and the like. One of the top complaints about consoles is how they can’t really be updated and enhanced. There were rumors that the PS4 would eventually get a very powerful boost through an update that would make it quite a bit better than it currently is. Whether that comes true or not, Sony needs this console to have legs for the long haul. They need it to be stronger in the future, in any way possible. That doesn’t include their plans for the VR headset, which looks awesome. I just think they need to make sure that it’s on the cutting edge and can do more as it becomes older. I remember my Xbox 360 being pretty bare when it first came out and now it does a lot more, so I have no doubt that Sony will do the same with the PS4 (which they did with the PS3). This is a big point to me because there are rumors that consoles, dedicated machines anyways, are on the way out soon. If that becomes the case than Sony needs to make us not care that there won’t be a PS5. They do that by enhancing the PS4 to death, making it better and better. Those are my top PS4 wants! What are yours?

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