There’s a new Digimon game in the US for Vita and PS4!


It feels like it has been forever since we consistently got Digimon game releases outside of Japan. We got a few on the DS but some of the others that have followed since then we didn’t get here in the States (this article will be taken from the view of the States since that’s where I live) and that was a letdown. Then more cool new games came to the PSP and Vita for Digimon and it looked like, yet again, we’d see all of these cool game and never get the chance to play them ourselves. That was a real bummer when you consider that the newer games take a page from the original Digimon world and handle themselves like that game, more or less. I love Digimon World 1 (in fact I love the first 3 period) and I loved the idea of newer games based on that style, so you can imagine my disappointment when the track record stated that we would never see such games arrive fully translated. Well you can imagine my joy when it was announced last year that there would be two editions of Digimon striking in the States in February, namely Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth which is arriving on both the Vita and PS4 on the 2nd of February (out as of today)!

The main reason we’re getting a two console version of the same game is because the PS4 is the hot ticket out of the two in this country, so they wanted the West to have this game on their top selling console. And the game is on the Vita in Japan already so it got to be ported as is basically to the West as well.  Naturally the PS4 edition will haveDigimon enhancements, such as graphics and the like, but really I think your pick of the game will come down to the type of console you like the most. I think my Vita hasn’t gotten enough attention lately so I’ll be getting that version, but the PS4 version is obviously worth a look as well! Either way, it’s a new major Digimon game that is officially coming! That is such an exciting thought. The series, Digimon that is, is still quite strong in Japan and it does have a good following in the States as well, but it’s stronger in Japan. Hence why they’ve seen more games in the past few years than us. But it’s nice to see things make a bit of a turn, with the US called the area where Digimon is perhaps second strongest. (Yes, that excludes the Championship DS game and the All-Stars game; there are still 6 Digimon games that came out in Japan besides those that we didn’t get since 2008 so there has been a dry spell everywhere but in Japan).

Will this be a sign of things finally turning around? Will we hear of all these cool Digimon games and get them now? It would seem likely, that is if the sales for this game are high. I certainly hope this is the case, especially if they’re good games. I hate hearing of great Digimon games and not seeing them get localized so hopefully this is the big turn around! If they delivered a game that’s worth its weight then we need to do our part; buy the game. If we purchase a game that was well made then it’s entirely likely we’ll see more in the future. If it’s a bad game? Well I guess we’d avoid it but it’s too critical to get a good step here for them to have delivered a bomb, or at least I hope so. Time will tell very soon because we will get our first chance to play it today! I’ll do a review soon enough, and I won’t be biased. If it’s a train wreck I’ll state it as such. No use painting up rotting wood, it’s still rotting wood. So I’ll get that up soon! In the meantime let’s all hope that we have Digimon back for good with this game!

Updated: February 2, 2016 — 9:41 am
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