The Sims: how do you play?


The Sims is one of the most popular game series ever. It has sold a crazy amount of games, has a few free to play games that aren’t that bad, and is just plain huge overall. My wife is a major fan of the series. She mostly plays the Sims 3 and she has built tons of awesome homes and buildings and has had tons of families that I’ve seen her play through their entire life cycle. The game changes as you go for sure. You may start off with a pair of parents. Then they have a child. Then that child gets married, and so on. It’s an expansive game, and is worth a look if you never got around to it. But if you have I have to ask: how do you play? I know some people who only play it so they can torture the Sims in a variety of ways, even Sims Video Game Seriesinstalling mods so they can be more destructive. Others just like to build the houses. Others like to play with entire families, while some others (like me) only like to play with a couple of Sims max. There are really no wrong ways to play the game for the most part. I usually take one Sim, get their life going at college or work or whatever, have them meet a siginificant other, and that’s generally when I stop playing. I’m getting a story like that going on the Sims 4, however, and I plan to stick to it this time around. I have too many games to play to stick with any one for too long it seems. But when you play the Sims, how do you play? What are your normal goals in a playthrough?

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