The best NASCAR video game is found at the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

I’ve been a fan of NASCAR for many years and the same true for my interest in video games. So when I saw the two combined as one back when I first got a PSOne (NASCAR ’98) I was thrilled! I couldn’t believe that there was a video game that looked so good and pulled off the look of NASCAR so well. It’s miserable looking by today’s standards but it was better back then. Consider that Sonic the Hedgehog was the most advanced game graphics wise I had owned to that point and you’ll see why I was so impressed with the NASCAR iRacingvisuals. I remember playing the game and loving it, so I kept up with the series in the future. I think a lot of the NASCAR video games are pretty enjoyable, minus the final few from EA. I remember hating NASCAR ’09. NASCAR the Game 2011 was a pretty decent game though it had a lot of crazy bugs. I enjoyed NASCAR the Game Inside Line even more even though it too had a lot of bugs. NASCAR ’14 is a much better game than either of those. I’ve not experienced too many bugs. A ton of crazy crashes, but not too many bugs. It’s sad that lack of bugs has to be a positive point but I ran into a lot of bugs in these first few of these newer NASCAR games. But I think that even the best of what the console world offers can’t touch another version of NASCAR racing.


That’s the iRacing NASCAR series. Specifically the one you can find at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte NC. That game was a fun one to play for a few reasons. It was more like a real race weekend for one. You went and qualified. You heard a drivers meeting to discuss what to do and how to do it. You then got into a real NASCAR body with a TV in it and played the game with a real steering wheel and pedals. You drove the car off of pit road and made progress until you got to race, which was really fun. You’re racing against other real people which was cool as well. I felt bad for my wife who was racing with me. She got taken out before the green flag even flew and was behind the rest of the way. I was starting next to her and somebody just plain flew right into her and her car flipped down the turn at Daytona. That was unrealistic, but the fact that you controlled the car driving under caution was cool to me. It was a ton of fun and I think it’s the best you’ll ever see from playing a NASCAR video game. The one at the Hall of Fame is great because you get to sit in a real NASCAR body. But you can play the iRacing NASCAR at home. That’s the version to get if you’ve got the ability.

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