Tembo the Badass Elephant review!


Sega is my favorite game company of all time, specifically because of Sonic and getting me into gaming in the first place. That’s not to say I wouldn’t have gotten into gaming otherwise, as in not having Sonic 2 and a Genesis growing up, but history is what it is, and Sega has been the tent pole in my gaming life ever since it created it. But I’ve enjoyed other games and consoles as well outside of Sega and Sonic. One of which is Nintendo. I’ve enjoyed a ton of Nintendo consoles and games over the years, and one of the biggest games of theirs that I’ve enjoyed is Pokemon, by Game Freak. I bring that out because the game in question, Tembo the Badass Elephant, is the love child of both Sega and Game Freak. It came out recently and I have to say that I’m really enjoying what I’m seeing so far. I’m glad that both Sega and Game Freak were able to put together a great platform game that isn’t related to any other IP that they both have. So now it’s on with the review!

As I just brought out, this game is a platform game. It plays very smoothly, just as solid as any of the other major platform games we’ve seen come out over the last few years. The game itself reminds me as a bit of a mix between Donkey Kong and Sonic the Hedgehog. Tembo has a fairly slow running speed but when you hold down the charge button he can get some momentum going, which is the part that reminds me of Donkey Kong. It’s almost like controlling Rambi the Rhino in that sense, or at least it feels like that. He can also do more deliberate attacks, such as a butt stomp, an attack where he uses his trunk to hit obstacles back at enemies, he can charge enemies, so an almost homing attack looking attack, spray fire and more with water, etc. He truly is a badass to be sure. I like that a lot, that he’s not simply running from left to right (though there isBadass nothing wrong with that at all), but he’s actually fighting too and is a formidable warrior.

And did I mention the graphics? This game is gorgeous! It’s one of the best looking platform games I’ve ever played. The game is refined and looks like it belongs on the current consoles/PC, not some muddy or blurry mess. Most platform games look good as of late, so it doesn’t stand out as much as I may be making it sound, but the game is absolutely beautiful to look at, especially in the area that I’m currently in, with the mountains and green grass. I don’t remember the name of the location but you’ll know it once you see it. This game also does a good job with the bad guys. A lot of them can be taken down by simply charging them, but for others you have to be on your toes and figure out what is the best way of taking them down, especially bosses. It’s nice to see this game put so much into not only the graphics but the enemies as well. I’m not all the way through the game yet but so far so good all the way around.

So what is my rating for this game? I’m going to try something new with my ratings with games I haven’t actually beaten from here on out. I’m going to give it a bold set of words that sums up my thoughts on it and whether you’ll like it or not. I may go back to the more “normal” rating in the future, but for now this’ll be how I do it. It makes my page stand out just a tiny bit anyways, so I’ll give it a shot! My rating: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. This game covers it all; great graphics, fun story, badass character, difficult (without being too hard), and a love child of Sega and Game Freak. I recommend you give it a shot! At $15 it’s hard not to go for it!

Updated: July 30, 2015 — 6:15 pm
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