TellTale Batman game: what to keep in mind!


The TellTale Batman game is a vastly different beast than its Arkham brethren and in some ways that’s great, you don’t want all of your games to be the same thing over and over again with minimal changes *coughanyMaddenfootballgamecough*. You want to see the formula change especially when it’s an entirely different company at the helm. With that said there is a lot different about this game for sure and people who have played the Arkham games may be in for a shock, and that may not be in a good way depending on your view. So, spoiler free, I’m going to state some of the biggest differences between this game and the Arkham ones, that what you’re even more on board with what to expect with this game. Ready or not here I come! (No particular order)

  • You play as both Bruce Wayne and the Batman. And at times you get to pick which character you’d think best in a situation. We don’t see any action with Bruce in the Arkham games outside of the beginning of Arkham City (I’m only counting Arkham Asylum, City, and Knight) so this is something that is completely different, especially the part that you pick at times which you’d prefer.
  • The way Gotham views Bruce and the Bat is influenced by your choices, so if you’re a rough and tumble Batman Gotham will notice. If you’re more tame? They’ll notice, and how it all plays out will be seen as the game comes out with more episodes. The same stands for Bruce.The Bat
  • This game isn’t about action and running around, it’s about dialog. So if you’re wanting to sneak around and silently take out an enemy, launch far away, get in the Batmobile and drive across Gotham, give those thoughts up. You’re very much directing this game, you’re more directing a story than playing a game, in a very strong manner. That doesn’t mean it’s bad; I loved the Arkham games and I’m in love with this game as well, so there’s something to be said here, but still it’s worth keeping in mind.
  • This isn’t a story you’ve seen anywhere else. Literally, in making the game and making certain decisions, the TellTale company had DC executives saying things like “I’ve never seen that idea before until now” and things like that. You’ll experience, in some form(s) or fashion things in this game you’ve never seen in Batman before and that’s a very good thing; you want the familiar elements, sure, but it’s nice to have something brand new after 75 years of this character existing.
  • It’s fun!!! I alluded to this a bit but yes, in spite of how different it is than the other major Batman games, this game is incredible! They did a great job and it feels like you’re playing a comic book based on Batman and the choose your own adventure style books, and that’s a great thing to a guy like me. Give it a shot, it’s not all that expensive! Yes it’s different and if the fact that it’s more a story than anything deters you then avoid it, for sure. But I think it’s worth a look at worst.

Updated: October 1, 2016 — 10:50 am
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