#TBT: Spyro the Dragon!


I’ve talked about Spyro the Dragon more than once in the past few years but this is the first time in the TBT format so it counts differently right? No? Oh well, I’m going to consider it differently, at least a little bit. I don’t think I played the first Spyro game first, I’m pretty sure I played Spyro 2 then eventually found my way back to the first one. I did the same thing with Crash and Sonic, oddly enough. This game is a gem among all of the many games you’ll find on the PSOne, you’re Spyro the Dragondefinitely doing yourself a disservice if you haven’t played this game. I personally think the 2nd and 3rd games are better but this game is still incredible, absolutely incredible.

It has a great atmosphere, great music, good platforming, good replay value, and it’s challenging too, what more could you ask for? The game is one of the best platform games I’ve ever played, from any console, and trust me, I’ve played a ton of platform games from a variety of platforms. There are several levels that have such good music that I’ll find myself playing it over and over again just to keep hearing it *Lofty Castle is the main one* and even have some of the soundtrack downloaded in my phone so I can listen to it anytime, anywhere. Spyro has some of the best music in gaming, period. This game truly nailed it in most forms. The game would be perfect if the 2nd game didn’t find ways to improve, such as the hover ability. But that doesn’t take away too much from this game.

Keep in mind if you’re playing this game for the first time and you’ve played the 2nd or 3rd game that you can’t swim in this game, it’ll result in you getting injured and drowning. So avoid all water and you’ll be fine. You have to avoid certain water in the other games but this one it’s all water so keep that in mind if you play backwards. And make sure you collect a ton of gems and Dragons because those are the currency, so to speak, that allow you to go to new Homeworlds. Basically collect as you go and you’ll be in good shape.

To go a little more into the Throwback part of things the first time I played this game it was a demo and you couldn’t go everywhere in the main Homeworld at first, and some of the final level locations were different from the demo. I recall chasing the Gnorc with the bag and attacking him and also taking on the bulls. I don’t recall how I got the demo or how I accessed it but for sure I remember playing it a lot and liking it which eventually led to me getting the first game.

Updated: October 2, 2016 — 4:57 am
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