#TBT: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2.


Sonic 4 Episode 1 was my first TBT article so why not make the second one my second? Makes sense right? I thought so too! The second game, I think, dated much better than the first game for sure. While it lost some of its luster and had awful physics that frankly didn’t measure up all that well to the test of time and hasn’t dated well at all the second game is actually still pretty good. No, it’s not as good as one of the Genesis games, but yes it’s much better than Episode 1 and it’s such a jump up that I’m bummed we won’t see an Episode 3.

Sega did a lot right with this game. Graphically speaking it’s not bad, the Chaos Emerald Challenge, much like Sonic 4.1 was done really well, the co-op works very well too. The Zones have more uniqueness than the first episode did and in general it’s just more fun to play, especially if you have a pal with you who loves Sonic as well. It’s the most like the GenesisSonic 4 classics we have gotten since those days (excluding Sonic CD and ports of the classic games and etc) until the upcoming Mania game. I’m proud of the effort Sega put in this one you can tell they tried harder with this game than the first one.

Sure the physics still aren’t perfect and the speed isn’t as fast as we remember from the Genesis but all in all Sega did a great job with this game. To me the co-op is the best system from any other Sonic game, with the screen not letting you fall too far behind no matter who you’re playing as. The team up moves are very easy to access as well so that’s nice. Unlike past Sonic games that make sure P1 Sonic is the leader constantly it’s an equal partnership this time around done in a great way, and I love it. I hope we see more of this as time moves forward, or least something similar. Sega did a lot more right with this game than the first episode and it’s almost a shame we didn’t get a third episode but it’s okay, it is what it is.

This game is a lot of fun so I definitely recommend it to you if you have the ability to get it, it’s a great game for sure, so go for it! GOTTA GO FAST!!!!

Updated: September 17, 2016 — 12:05 am
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