#TBT: Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1!


So I’ve never really done the whole throwback Thursday thing. I get it and I actually like seeing #TBT stuff on Facebook from the video game world and sports as well so I thought hey, why not join it myself? My throwback Thursday stuff isn’t going to follow any particular theme other than talking about past video games and past video game moments, from my memories of course. I’ll try to make sure it’s about games from a few years back or memories from a few years back, which is the norm with this right?  Just talking out loud giving myself the advice I need to succeed, you know how that goes. We’ve all been there. Right? Um…right? Just me? Okay well either way, let’s start things off for my first #TBT with Sonic 4 Episode 1!

I remember this game was announced and Sonic Colors was sort of alongside it but though I thought Colors looked cool Sonic 4 was the one I wanted the most by far since it was like a Genesis game being done in this day and age. How could I not love that and want it!? And I enjoyed the game very thoroughly! I remember when I first got the game on the Xbox 360 and I put a lot of time into the game and was thrilled to have it. Times have changed a bit since then. I think Colors is the vastly superior game and I don’t even play 4 episode 1 all that often anymore. But back the Sonic 4 was something I was 4 episode 1thrilled to have and to play.

Since then we have seen what Sonic 4 should have been courtesy of Sonic Mania. It really puts Sonic 4 to shame. Even Episode 2 decimated the first Episode and it has lost a lot of its luster to me. I still have it on my Xbox 360 and even my PS3 and in fact I plan on playing it again soon just for the memories. It’s not the best 2D Sonic game by any means and it has lost a lot of luster (it already didn’t compare to the Genesis classics overall so now it’s even lost a bit since then to me). But it’s still fun to play and I enjoy the boss fight music even though it sounds like something you’d hear at a carnival or something like that.

That is my first #TBT post! Since it’s all about Sonic 4 Episode 1 I’ll ask you: what are your memories of this game? What console did you get it on? Do you still play today? Anything you have to say about the game, positive or negative, feel free to leave in the comments!

*Note: this game did one thing perfectly in my opinion, absolutely perfectly and yes even in comparison to the Genesis games: the Chaos Emerald challenge. It’s freaking hard like Sonic 1 was but the way it plays and looks is actually very much spot on to what you’d expect in a throwback type of game, Sega did a wonderful job on that aspect if all else fails.

Updated: September 16, 2016 — 8:55 pm
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