#TBT: Rayman (PSOne)


Rayman is a pretty big game again thanks to his more recent games, which you can see on smartphones, consoles, etc, and although the style is different I’m very happy to see one of my favorite 2D platform games from my childhood stand out today. Crash is coming back soon himself (though he wasn’t really purely 2D), Sonic is experiencing a major rebirth, Mario never left, Donkey Kong Country has truly Returned in a few ways, it’s great! We even have a Mega Man sister in Mighty No. 9 that’s a massive success! Okay…maybe that was taking things a bit too far. But you get the point. Great platform games from the past are still around and thriving and it’s very nice to see! But we had to have a start to have games now, right, that’s obvious I guess.rayray

Rayman began, for me, back on the PSOne with Rayman. That game is a lot of fun, I have it on my PS3 now in fact. It’s a hard game, very hard. Which old games used to be so it fits the bill in a great way in that sense. It’s colorful, has beautiful music, good platforming, challenging bosses/gameplay, it’s truly one of the best 2D platform games you’ll ever play. The current games are good, to be sure, they’re very fun, but the best is still the first game to me. Such a great game. Rayman isn’t particularly fast and isn’t the most powerful character you’ll ever play as but he doesn’t need to be, in his game universe he is great and all works out very well.

The game will make you want to throw your controller at a wall for sure at times but what fun would a game be if it didn’t really piss you off at times? Right? Haha, you don’t need to be mad at a game for it to be good, but those of us who grew up playing the hard 2D games know how that feels and in that way it’s a great thing. The game is available now on the PSN so I recommend you download it and play it, especially if you’ve played the newer games and not the past ones. It’s a different pace so be prepared for that, but the game is wonderful so I highly recommend it!

Updated: November 9, 2016 — 10:36 pm
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