Tales of Berseria: I love it!


Okay, so I haven’t fully finished the game just yet, so in a sense this can’t count as a review but I still have played more than enough of it to give a strong vote of recommendation for it. Berseria wasn’t the first Tales of game I’ve played. Though I only joined the Tales of community a few years back, I’ve played a few of the games: Tales of Xillia 1 and 2, Tales of Graces f, Tales of The Abyss, Tales of Hearts R, and Tales of Link, alongside Tales of Zesteria. All of them are great games and bring a lot of fun, humor, drama, and more to the table. All of them are great. But I have to say: Berseria trumps them all.

There’s just something different about this game; it doesn’t (to me at least) suffer any major cheese that brings the story down. In fact this story is quite dark. It has a few tricks too that unravel in fun and shocking ways as you make your way in the story. It’s not like the other Tales of games I played, that have good drama don’t get me wrong, but this story just feels so much different compared to the others. The reason the people are all there and helping is greatly varied, and you’re not technically playing as a good guy; you’re actually the bad guys in this game, and that’s always fun to play with.

The battle syBerseriastem too is a lot different than the other Tales of games I’ve played and I think they did a much better job this time around. Each button (Triangle, Square, X, and Circle) is a path of action. Such as Attack 1 to 4 (for name simplicity) can be set to Triangle so you hit Triangle four times in a row and do each different attack, 1 to 4. Then attacks 5 to 8 can be set to Square. You can change things up as well. Hit X for one attack, hit Circle next, then hit Square, then finish with Triangle. It’s also easy to do bonus attacks (simply hold L2 when the gauge is filled!), easy to direct the group to go all out or focus on defense (hit R3 in battle then either hit L1 or L2), and etc.

It’s just a fun game. It hasn’t had any major cringe worthy moments and the voice actors have done a great job on this game. Beinfu is a bit annoying in a sense but he’s not too bad, perhaps the one weak link in the story. The world is vibrant and varies greatly as you go from one major area to the other. There are strong bonus fights to engage in, tons of customize options on fashion (a norm for the series), and more. This game is just fun to play, and did I mention how great the story is?

The story is a major driving force in this game. I’m very much towards the end of the game and let me tell you, some of the plot twists I didn’t see coming at all. I need to finish it off to see the entire thing and how it all finishes but some things really surprised me and the emotion you get watching the story was unexpected. This is a Tales of game that’s a lot different than the others and I mean that in the best possible way, this game is absolutely fantastic.

Whether you have a PC and go for it that way or a PS4 (such as me) you’ll not regret giving this game a go!

Updated: March 4, 2017 — 2:19 am
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