Tales of Berseria coming soon.


I’ve always loved Final Fantasy, it was definitely the main JRPG that got me going in the genre growing up. The many Final Fantasy games I’ve played over the years kept that love alive and thriving, and has carried me all the way to Final Fantasy XV, which I absolutely love. I also fell in love with another Square Enix game series since my first foray in the world of Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts. What’s not to love there? It has tons of Square characters/elements alongside Disney and it’s massive history and nostalgia, it’s truly a match made in heaven. I can’t wait for the very soon to arrive Kingdom Hearts 2.8 game, with all of the games and features it’ll bring to the table. Maybe we’ll get Kingdom Hearts 3 in the next decade or so! But for as much as the Square JRPG’s shaped my love of the genre, undoubtedly the two leaders in this field for me, there has been another strong series that has kept my love of this genre afloat for sure.

That’s the Tales of series. The first game I played in the Tales of series was Xillia. I loved it, from the characters, to the art style, to the music, to the dialog/voice actors, you name it! I loved it and it’s different when stacked against FF and KH, and that’s a

Tales of

Tales of Berseria (DEMO)_20170110173139

great thing because every JRPG shouldn’t be the exact same. So I branched out from Xillia figuring if I liked that game that much I’d surely enjoy more from the series. Xillia 2, Graces F, Zestiria, Link (smartphone game), Hearts R are the other full games I’ve played alongside Xillia. I really fell hard for this series in a way akin to my love for Final Fantasy, the very series that introduced me to the genre. So that makes this a must play series for me and that includes looking forward to the upcoming Tales of Berseria, which just had a demo release on the PS4 (as well as Steam) and let me tell you, I like the way this one is going.

The story, what little I know of it in my attempt to dodge spoilers, certainly seems interesting. This game is canon to the Zestiria series too so it’ll be fun to see all the possible connections and things of that nature. The demo gives you a feel of the universe and I like it so far. The battle system is a bit different from what I’m used to with the Tales of series but I think with a little more practice I’ll be right at home. The rest you’d expect are very much there with flying colors: great music, great art style (seriously; these guys always do a great job with the art, it’s amazing), humor, a variety of cutscenes and etc. The game feels great based on the demo and the final product arrives on the 24rd (Tuesday) so it won’t be long until the full experience can be had in the West.

If you’ve played the Tales of games I think you’ll like this one, based on the demo. If you haven’t and you’ve wondered if it’d be worth it I recommend you give the demo a shot. It’s free so what could it hurt to give it a shot? Based on my previous experiences in the Tales of universe this demo gives a great feel of what you can expect in the final game, so I think no matter what you should give it a look. Unless JRPG’s aren’t your genre, in which case you are a failure. (Jk, nothing wrong with having different tastes….even if you’re wrong 😉 )

Updated: January 21, 2017 — 4:32 am
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