Streaming schedule/games for the week!


The week I’m referring to is from 12/18/2018 to 12/23/2018. I know, the week started on the 17th if you’re going from Monday to Sunday, but today is already Tuesday so I may as well count it from then on! This is definitely going to be a busy week for me. Not only have I been sick and sleeping a lot around that, but it’s also a busy week work wise. Which is good, the busier I am there the more money I’m earning! But it’s busy, very much so. So streaming may be affected a bit, but that’s not going to stop me from making the best run I can with it! Let’s look at the games I plan on doing and try to nail down a time where we can.

I’ve stated a few times before that my main focus is streaming on Facebook, so we’ll look there first! I plan on streaming quite a bit of Kingdom Hearts 1 this week there, as well as starting Toy Story 2 and continuing my Donkey Kong Country run. Smash Bros is very likely to make an appearance as well as possibly some RDR2! The main plan this week has to be PlayStation One Toy Story 2Kingdom Hearts. It’s a Proud mode run and I’m looking to get through the story from start to end. The retro games I plan on putting a lot of time into as well! The rest I listed, though I plan on playing them, are more or less the back half of the Facebook stream plans.  BUT if you’ve got Smash Bros Ultimate let me know if you’re interested in playing on stream with a group on there! Did that that the other day and that was a blast, so message me on the Facebook page or feel free to state your interest in the comments!

As for the Twitch page we have a few different games I’m going to be getting to! I stream for and will be doing Just Cause 4 on 5 different days, planned from Tuesday to Saturday. The main plan, right now, is to stream at 8PM CST for that, so if you’re interested in seeing that click the link I just put above and be sure to follow so you can see when I go live! It’s a fun game, I’ve had a blast with it, so definitely check that out. And I also will be doing the Evil Within on Thursday night. I plan on doing some NASCAR Heat 3 as well, and maybe some Spyro where and if I can! Facebook streaming is the NASCAR Heat 3 PS4main focus for me but I do have Twitch plans, not only for CDKeys, but also for myself! So definitely check out my page here and follow so you’re informed when I’m live there as well!

I mentioned it before but it bears repeating; this will be a busy week for me. So it’ll be tough to find a lot of time for streaming, especially if I stay feeling as sick as I have been. That is the big thing that’ll get in the way I’m assuming. But I’m going to do my very best! Next week’s stream plans for the week will cap out December, and then we’ll finally hit 2019. We’re SO close to Kingdom Hearts 3, and I cannot wait! Looking forward to seeing you guys in the streams this week!


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