Strategy Guides: Use or not?

As with most things in the gaming world, strategy guides seem to have a split down the middle. On the one side you have people who think they are fine to use and it doesn’t bother them to have one or more. On the other side you have ones who think it’s a cheat of the game to use a guide, that you should discover everything on your own and not use a book to help you. I sort of fit in a different side, one that’s more similar to the ones who don’t mind having one, but I’ve always been a bit different with my buying LR Guidestrategy guides. Let me explain.

The first strategy guide I ever bought, according to memory, was one for Sonic Adventure 2. I didn’t buy it so that I could find all of the extras or how to beat certain missions. I bought it because I wanted something extra and large to read that was about the game, to get me in the mood of of the game. I didn’t own the game at the time I just wanted something to help keep my excitement high for it. The same was true for Kingdom Hearts. I bought the guide simply so I could read more about the game and story. Sure, I knew the tips and tricks to pass certain bosses. But I was more interested in having something to read about the series.


I’m not quite like that anymore, considering how much there is to read about a series or game online. I still don’t mind using a strategy guide here and there though. I bought one for Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII, really only so I’d have something extra to go alongside my game. I didn’t actually “need” it when I first bought it, it was simply something extra to have. But when I had trouble getting past certain parts I didn’t mind using it. I don’t care, in my eyes the only time you are cheating a game and need to change it up is when you’re actually cheating, with a mod or something.

I’ve found times where I’ll use a battle strategy they spell out in the guide and it won’t work for me so I’ll just do it a different way. It’s not cheating to have a guide to help you along the way, so long as you’re putting in most of the work. I’ve played this game for over 50 hours and I’ve really only used the guide on one particular mission, plus a fight here and there, so it’s not like I use it every second as I play. Either way, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have a strategy guide to keep you company. Besides, you still have all of the extra trophies/achievements to aim for, and even a strategy guide won’t make some of those missions easy. It’s up to you whether you’ll use a guide or not, so whichever side you’re on, enjoy your games! As long as you’re having fun that’s all that really matters.

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