Spyro needs it too!


Spyro the Dragon was once one of the stars of the gaming world, releasing game after game that drowned in charm, good music, fun gameplay and interesting locations. Now he’s in Skylanders. It used to be Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure, but after the first game Spyro was stripped from the title and he basically is the 5th string QB now, which really sucks to be frank about it. Sure, he’s still in the game, and has various forms that can be used, but you can fully play and beat all of the games without ever touching Spyro and that’s a disgrace, he deserves so much more than that. Crash Bandicoot has been dead too for years and in addition to his PS4 remake rebirth he is getting a playset in the new Skylanders game featuring Spyrohim and Cortex and it LOOKS like a Crash game! It looks wonderful! So why hasn’t Spyro gotten the same thing yet?

He deserves just as much as Crash does in all of those ways; he deserves to have an original trilogy remake alongside a Skylanders set that features him and another popular Spyro character, maybe Hunter, and it needs to feel just like the classic games. I’m sorry but Spyro deserves this and I’d give up just about anything to see this happen! Spyro is one of the most populpar characters from the PSOne era and deserves a lot more respect than what he has gotten lately. I suppose he has had a better time than Crash, who was fully missing for 8 years from any games. At least we do have Spyro in the Skylanders in a small form; there is something to be said about that. But he deserves so much more and you can BET if the newest Skylanders game had a Crash and a Spyro playset that emulated their original games it would infuse some life in the toys/game world that would be massive and widespread, because I know for sure that I’m far from the only one who’s asked for something like this in the past and would love it now.

Is this likely to happen? Who knows. It’s anybody’s guess at this point. But Crash suddenly arrived, playable I might add, with Naughty Dog again in Uncharted 4. Then he got his own set/world for the new Skylanders game, alongside the announcement that 1-3 would be remade. You can’t tell me that you were predicting that a year ago that we’d see Crash hit back so hard after such a long slumber. So it’s entirely possible that Spyro will be given a run for his money in ways we can’t yet predict and I’m certainly very, very hopeful. Comebacks are something of a habit right now in gaming, just look at Mario Maker and Sonic Mania. Then the remakes of Crash. Final Fantasy VII is being remade. Surely Spyro can find some life in this form like these other guys have. Fingers crossed that we see something like that and if we do I’ll be posting about it as soon as possible! Hopefully there’s something good to add soon.

Updated: August 31, 2016 — 8:55 pm
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