Sonic the Hedgehog game ideas!

In the past I’ve mentioned that I came up with a Sonic game for smartphones that ended being almost identical to what Sonic Runners ended up becoming. Of course none of my ideas influenced Sega in any form whatsoever but it doesn’t change the fact that it was awesome to create a Sonic game (at least in idea form) and then to see it basically become a reality down the road. So that got me thinking: what other Sonic games do I want to see? I think I’ve put up a post before on what I’d like to see from Sonic and Sega in the future, but why stop there? I’m going to list a few other ideas that I hopeSonic 2D games become reality one of these days. Hey, it may not be too farfetched considering Sonic Runners! And feel free to leave your thoughts on what you’d like to see from Sonic in the future. Who knows, maybe it’ll happen? And I won’t just stop at Sonic! Spyro, Crash, and more are on the list next, so this will start a series of posts in that sense.

In no particular order here is what I’d like to see from Sonic sometime in the future. (Note: these games I’d want no matter the console, or even smartphone. There isn’t a specific piece of hardware I’m thinking of with these ideas). I think to start it would be great to see another Sonic party game like Sonic Shuffle. The only thing I think such a game would need is speed. The first game was so slow to get through that I’d get bored trying to do anything, you just can’t accomplish anything in a short time period in that game. Give an option to play 5 or even 10 turns: the character with the most mini game wins in that time span wins the round. I’m not entirely sure what I’d want out of a game like this, outside of the quicker options. Make it fun, quick, and have tons of unique minigames! Offer tons of playable characters, use music and locations from all of the major Sonic games since the Dreamcast days. Have a robust online mode so multiple people can match and play together. That would be fun game, one I’d be on board with playing all the time if it ever comes.

The next idea I have consists of something that Sega had before on their PlaySega platform, which is a Sonic level editor. I think some massive expansion would be great though. Sonic 1-3 and Knuckles levels should be available for sure, as well as Sonic CD, Sonic 4, Sonic Generations, and whatever else makes sense! I think a level editor of such magnitude would be a ton of fun, especially since you could essentially make your own game from start to finish, the start being the level you want to be the opening and it goes until you’ve ended it. How cool would that be? Maybe there could be DLC to add more the game at another time, essentially making a game that never ends! Make new content be in the game based on the latest Sonic releases. That is something I’d be really on board with and I’d love it if Sega decided to pursue that in the future. Even the basic one from PlaySega would be good at this point.


And what about a great platform game with Mario!? I know I’ve mentioned this idea before but this would be such an awesome game if done correctly! I think a 2D side scrolling game would be perfect, with Mario and Sonic being playable for sure. Have it in great graphics, but flat all the way, just like where they both began. I’m thinking it would be cool to have both Sonic and Mario playable right off the bat, with them always following the other and you can swap out as you’d like. Think Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. There should be custom levels that only Sonic plays in, such as a level with major corkscrews, and the same goes for Mario as well. There should be levels that Mario is the character you have to use. But can you imagine how much fun that could be overall? An all 2D Sonic/Mario game that’s challenging and fun. That would be something I’d kill for, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. And of course the game is multiplayer, so you can have a pal play as either character while you take the other. That’s a game I’d be so pumped for!

And there are more ideas than these as well! But I’m going to focus on other games and the wants I have for a future game (a hopeful game, but still) for each series. Spyro the Dragon is next! But for now don’t forget to leave your comments on what you’d like to see as a Sonic game in the future!

Updated: May 19, 2015 — 2:49 am
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