Sonic Mania Collectors Edition! (North America)


This post will be unusually short for my normal posts but there is a reason for that, and that’s so you can see what’s going on with Sonic Mania as soon as possible and take advantage of it! Advantage of what you may ask? Sonic Mania, at least for North America, has a Collector’s Edition that was just announced and you can find it on Amazon here. It’s for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. It has a download for the game on a cool card, a statue that can scream “SEGA!!” at you when you turn the power on (a new official working Genesis guys!!!! Sure, it’s only a piece of audio, but still that’s awesome!) and a freaking awesome looking Genesis cartridge product! Guys, we are getting  a working *technically or otherwise* Genesis with this Order this NOWgame and a Genesis cartridge!! Do you feel the hype!? It is limited edition however so you need to go now and pre-order it if you want it. Don’t worry, your credit/debit card won’t be charged until a few days before it’s going to ship, so you don’t need to have the money right now to pre-order it on Amazon. The link takes you to the PC version but you can simply look up the console version if you want.


This game has been one that I’ve been excited about since I first read about it and I know I’m far from the only one but this limited edition of the game has me beyond sold, as if I wasn’t already there. The box even looks like a classic Genesis box, which is awesome as well. The statue that works and the cartridge are the most exciting pieces here to me, by far, but all of it is cool in general. I don’t care if it’s an audio sound only or not a working new Genesis is awesome, even if that’s all it does. Hey, back in the day the first thing you’d hear when loading up Sonic was the Sega scream so in that sense it’s the exact same! A small thing, to be sure, but exciting nonetheless. Give this a look and pre-order it before they’re gone!

Updated: September 14, 2016 — 9:21 pm
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