Sonic Jump Fever review.


A lot of the latest Sonic games struggle a lot it seems. They may sell decently, but the fans and critics destroy the games. Sometimes it’s earned. Sometimes it’s not. Either way, Sonic seems to have a lot of negativity to deal with lately. But that’s not the case in the smartphone world. From all that I’ve seen the majority of the critics have given praise to the Sonic smartphone games, specifically Sonic Dash, Sonic Jump, and Sonic Jump Fever. There are others, but these are the main ones that I’ve played and followed. Sonic Jump Fever is the newest of these games, so I’ll give it a quick review and help you see if it’s worth your time or not!

This game is a Sonic game, but it’s not a normal Sonic game at all. If you want a Sonic game where you control him while running from left to right or behind his back then you want to avoid this game. If you’re more open than I think you’ll like this game! You go from the bottom of the screen to the top, while tilting the smartphone to make Sonic and friends Sonic Smartphone Gamesmove around the enemies and hit the platforms. You tap the screen to help the characters take an extra jump which can be really useful. You can level your characters up and even use Chao to help in your adventure as well!

None of that includes the fever mode, which activates as you play the game. It takes you to a bonus world, for lack of a better term, that lets you gain extra points. There are several power-ups you can get in the game too, such as a shield that protects you from a hit and spring shoes that increases the jump height. There is a lot to do in this game, which is energy based. You can’t play over and over, at some point your energy runs out and in real life you have to wait to keep playing. Don’t  plan on playing too much in one sitting and you’ll be fine. Here are my likes and dislikes!

Likes: multiple playable characters, Chao are back!, easy to play but a lot to do, fast paced.

Dislikes: jumping sound is off (at least on my HTC One M7), no level structure like Sonic Jump.

Those are my only real dislikes, but they are pretty big. But overall I’d give Sonic Jump Fever an 8/10. It’s fun, easy to get into, and offers a lot if you’re willing to put in the time. It’s a great Sonic game! Give it a go!

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