Sonic Boom Wii U review.


I already went through a mini-review for the 3DS Sonic Boom, based on the demo, but now that I’ve had and played the Wii U version it’s time that it got one as well. First off this is a different Sonic game. So if you’re expecting gameplay you’ve seen a lot of in the past in the Sonic world you can forget it. It’s more Ratchet and Clank than it is Sonic. To me that’s not a bad thing, at all. I think this game is actually quite fun but there are some negatives that you need to be prepared for if you don’t have the game yet. For one you will suffer framerate problems in the game, especially on the fast running parts with the loops. It’s virtually unpVideo Game Reviewlayable at times it’s that awful, and there are times you’ll randomly be thrown off into space for no real reason. That last part is more of a glitch than a framerate issue, but it happens during the speed part, so be prepared for that.


You also should be ready for cheesy one liners during battle. Some of the lines are actually funny but most of them are plain bad. Whoever was hired to do the writing in this game had some major fails. It is much more manageable, though, if you mute the voices and get rid of the subtitles, that way you won’t have to see or hear any of it. You’ll still hear the major cutscenes, so you won’t be missing anything major. You’ll also see a lot of glitches in this game. The game camera has given me a fit at times, the characters sometimes just disappear for no real reason, and other things as well. Overall this game is quite buggy, and sometimes the bugs will keep you from being able to keep moving forward in the story, so definitely keep an eye on that. If you want a perfectly (or at least close) smooth game then don’t touch this. Trust me, it’s buggy. I like this game when it’s firing on all cylinders but when it’s not it’s annoying.


So here are the likes and dislikes for me:

Likes: fun gameplay, tons to collect, multiple playable characters with different abilities, fighting system

Dislikes: bugs, glitchy, cheesiness, framerate issues, any fast running segment

I do like a lot in this game, but the dislikes are very strong here. I have to give this a 6.5/10 for the “normal” game. When it’s not glitching It’s at least a 7.5/10 but that’s now how it is normally. It’s still (mostly) fun if you’re willing to brave the issues!

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