Sonic Boom Fire and Ice Review part 2.


Okay so in my last post I had a lot of praise for this game, so much more so than I honestly thought I would. I’m still floored at how much better this Boom game is than the others, I’m so glad they took the extra time to work on this game and improve it. Even the humor in this story is fun and that’s one of the things I hated most in the other game, so kudos Sega for making even the humor worthwhile! Okay, so since I last played I’ve done my first boss fight, using both Sonic and Amy, and let me tell you, it was fun! You had to dodge attacks and of course nail hits when you had a chance, but you also had to use Amy’s hammer attack to build a platform for Sonic to use so he could do the attack at the top, using his ice powers to gain platform holds as he went up. All in all it just felt fresh and fun, normally something I don’t think of when it comes to Sonic bosses.

The game is just purely a lot of fun and I believe I’ve played enough to give it a score at the end of this post. I plan on one more part, since I’ve still not really done much with the challenges/extras yet and I want to review that part on its own, but game wise I’m ready to give it a score. First the likes and dislikes.screenshot

Likes: Game is fast like any 2D Sonic game should be, you can go from A to B if you want or explore, there are bonus challenges to take on, there are bonus items to collect, huge replay value, switching between Fire and Ice is simple and yet is a cool addition to the classic Sonic mechanic.

Dislikes: Can’t say I have any.

I’ve played more of the game since I started typing this post and I am so in love with this game, it’s not even funny. I give it a MUST BUY Recommendation for any Sonic fan for sure, trust me, you’ll enjoy this game. The game is just such a joy to play and seeing how much more there is to offer after my A to B “normal” Sonic gameplay enhances it even more, plus some of the level types are completely unique which changes it up just enough to keep it fresh and engaging, such as the Dr. Robotnick races for example. Sega did a great job here easily making the wait for Mania that much more worthwhile, and I was just plain no expecting it at all. I liked Shattered Crystal so I assumed I’d not mind this one but this one is so much better it’s beyond comprehension to me how great it is. Like for real. I haven’t gushed over a game like this in a long time it feels like.

Like I said, I’ll do a final review part that talks only about the challenges (which I’ve done a few of), the bonus type levels, and the collectables. But as for the gist and meat of the game, for sure it’s a worthy purchase for your 3DS. If you’re a Sonic fan and have a 3DS and don’t get this you’ll be missing out in ways you never thought you would with a Sonic Boom game. Hey I know how bad the Wii U one was and how so-so the other 3DS outing was but Sega did their homework here and take it from me, you’ll want this game!


Updated: October 1, 2016 — 11:23 am
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