Sonic Boom Fire and Ice Review part 1.


Sonic Boom Fire and Ice comes out today and from what little I’ve seen in the way of reviews, such as IGN, the game isn’t all that bad. It apparently does a good job with offering a speedy Sonic game (because all Sonic games should be fast by default, c’mon now! Minus Big’s Fishing Adventure) that lets you go from point A to B very quickly, like past Sonic games, but it also gives you the option to explore and engage in side missions as well and I’m happy to hear that. I’m actually downloading it myself so my next paragraph will begin with my personal thoughts (this isn’t a review yet per se) but everything I’m hearing sounds good so far, for either a Sonic game in general or a Boom game.

I’ve read over and over in the various review that you don’t want to avoid this game because of the Boom part of the title and that this time things are much better, so I’ll give it a shot myself soon and let you know if it feel like a Sonic game overall. screenshotOkay so I just started playing it, I’m literally 2 levels in, and I’m beyond sold on this game. It very much has that sense of speed that a 2D Sonic game should, and that’s a very good thing. Sonic’s Spindash attack, which was very slow in the first Boom 3DS game, has speed in this game which too feels very natural. It feels like playing a good old Sonic game, this game is much much better than I ever hoped it would be!

I still need to play more of it to give it a review but when it comes to feeling like the old games, especially in a speedy way, the game is perfect. And I can also sense that if you want levels to be fast they can be but if you’d like to explore you more than certainly have that option as well and I love that. That’s just like the old Sonic games, you don’t have to explore to see all of the extra paths and get enough rings to access the Chaos Emerald levels, you can simply blast right through and then do those other things later if you want. The same applies here. Want to blast through the level? Go ahead. Want to explore and do the extras? Go ahead. Want to mix it up and blast through then explore at the end? Go for it!

The Fire and Ice mechanics work well as well, with you tapping the L or R buttons to change modes. So if you see water with an ice symbol on it you change to ice mode and you’ll freeze it creating a path as you move forward, same for the frozen water with fire symbols; be in fire mode and you’ll go right through it. I guess with what I’ve said this can count as a partial review so I’ll put it as such at the top of the post but let me tell you this: this game is NOT the Boom you’ve been used to, it’s very similar to the past games in speed and in fun! So don’t let Boom hold you back; this is truly a solid Sonic game! I’ll go more into detail as I play the game more and do the optional challenges and bosses and whatnot.


*This post carried over a day or two from when it started to when it finally finished, in case that was important for you to know*

Updated: October 1, 2016 — 11:17 am
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