Sonic Boom Fire and Ice: Extra challenges and whatnot.


Sonic Boom Fire and Ice is a great game that I highly recommend and have done so in my past posts. I said this would be the final part of my review of the game and in a large way it is but as far as my rating (remember: I don’t do point scales to rate my games; I do ALL CAPS words to indicate whether I recommend it or not; such as HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, DON’T RECOMMEND, SOMEWHAT RECOMMEND, and somesuch. It’s different and I try to do things a bit differently, so why not?) is concerned this game is a MUST HAVE for any Sonic fan, take it from me. I’ve been with Sonic since the Genesis games and I’ve played almost all of his games so I’d like to think I have an opinion that has at least SOME weight in what makes a good Sonic game and this one does. But what does this game offer besides the joy in the speedy run in going from A to B? Let’s look at some of the main things you can do besides the norm of a Sonic game.

  • Challenge rooms: These rooms offer you a challenge, as the title suggests. That are based in the particular level you find yourself in. It has different obstacles and feels like entirely new levels when you go in and that’s good, sometimes you really have to think two steps ahead and that is a good thing; Sonic games aren’t always known as the hardest platform games of all time but for sure they have tough moments and most of these Challenge rooms do the same thing.
  • Collectables: There are various items you can collect in a particular level, such as Amy hammer parts that’ll enhance her hammer and things of that nature, that definitely reward you for taking your time and exploring the levels more. Generally it’s not too hard to find the items but think of them as this games Red Star Rings; they give you something extra to do, and these extras are actually beneficial to the game as it goes! I’ve found most of them in the game but not all of them just yet so I’m glad to still have more to aim for.
  • Tails Hoverboat challenges: These have you going down a river, top-down/from behind style as you move towards the goal at the end of the level, having to navigate the various icebergs/bombs/etc and blast your way to victory. I’ve only screenshotdone a couple of these but they’re actually fun. You have a time limit to get to the end and getting hit takes time away so there is incentive to be careful and you can pick up items that extend the time as well, so keep an eye out for those!
  • Tails Sub challenges: These are like the submarine challenges from the first game where you play as a sub going for the puzzle piece and you have to shoot your way down, careful to avoid hitting the wall. Among the other obstacles as well.
  • We also have the tube Sonic running levels: You basically play a mode like Sonic 2 mode, from behind and you don’t just have to collect rings and get to the goal, but you also have to keep an eye on the track as it comes to determine if you need to be Fire Sonic or Ice Sonic. It’s not the hardest thing to figure out but still at full speed it can be a challenge, and if you fail you have to fully restart, so there’s that too.

There is also racing against other real people but that’s not something I messed with or plan on, it has no interest to me, but far be it from me to rag on something it may very well be one of the best parts of the game! I need to give it more of a chance honestly. But what I like about the varying challenges, all apart from the A to B typical gameplay, is all of it feels completely different from the others so it lends itself to having a massive amount of variety, which is always good, for replay value and for the initial run as well! This game rocks and if it’s the direction Sega will be going in after Sonic Mania I’d be more than happy for that.

Updated: October 16, 2016 — 6:45 am
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