Sonic and Mario need a combined platform game for Switch.


We all loved seeing former rivals now drinking partners Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario team up and join in a game together, which lead to several more, all about the Olympics. And those games are fun don’t get me wrong. But that’s not fully what we want with Sonic and Mario. We want a platform game with them each in it! How awesome would that be! If the Switch launched with a game like that, that was well done and wasn’t a bomb with critics, Sony and Microsoft would have reasons to look behind their backs with worry; Sonic and Mario are still a sonmaripotent force to deal with, to say the least. They easily could stand against the best offerings from the other guys if they teamed up in a game like that. Just my opinion of course. I mean Halo and Gears of War are still powerhouses. Crash 1-3 is coming to the PS4, plus God of War and all of the Kingdom Hearts games. And dare I say FF VII?

Obviously those guys aren’t scared of Nintendo right now and have no right to be, they have much higher sales than the current main Nintendo console, the Wii U. They have great first party exclusives and tons of great third party games, alongside a plethora of great indie games. But if Sonic and Mario combined on a game we all want? Yeah, that would make them look more to Nintendo and what they could sell with such a blockbuster hit. The Olympics games, which are mixed at best on reviews, have sold over 20 million units in all, since it’s a game with Sonic and Mario. Now imagine a great platform game with good story that has both characters and worlds all in one! That would be epic beyond epic. Mario has sold over 500 million games in his run in life. Sonic has sold/downloaded over 300 million; these guys aren’t small characters from the past, they still have a lot of life and potential moving forward.

Nintendo never really dropped the ball with Mario so he’s keeping well as he always has. Sega had dropped Sonic a few times but overall they are getting him back in good shape with the positively received Fire and Ice as well as announcing Sonic Mania, which alone should set Sonic back where he used to be. There is too much positive vibe around this game that fans are all behind as far as creation goes for this game to slip like normal Sonic games typically do. Plus we have Sonic Generations 2 coming as well and that will hopefully follow the footsteps of the first one which was a blast and did well in sales and reception. Mario is about to be in the smartphone world as well, where Sonic has seen huge success (such as over 200 million downloads of Sonic Dash), and this is a world where I think we could see Sonic and Mario team up.

How hard would it be to test the waters in this way, maybe having Sonic be a bonus character in their endless runner game that’s coming soon? And vice versa, put Mario in Sonic Dash. Test it in those games which will undoubtedly garner millions upon millions of downloads just for that crossover alone. Heck we had Angry Birds and Sonic cross over, it makes much more sense to see him swap with his old rival for a while. THEN you make the run to a platform game on the Switch, assuming the interest is high enough for a major platform game (and it will be). There is a mobile nature to the Switch tablet so if all else fails we could have a big Mario and Sonic Run game on that that’s exclusive and has bonus levels and things like that that you don’t see on the smartphones. That would give people incentive to get the game on the Switch, especially if it was cheap to buy.

It wouldn’t be the big platform game, for sure, but it’s something that would test the waters on the interest, and maybe be a sleeper hit for the Run game on the Switch, then unveil that there is a new major platform game with Sonic and Mario coming by no later than the end of the year. You can bet Nintendo and Sega would see huge numbers from such a game and announcement, and I hope this happens in some form or fashion.

Updated: November 12, 2016 — 12:22 am
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