Sonic 3D Classics, Guitar Hero Live controller, etc.


As you can tell from from the title of the post here this is a bit of a tid bit. There have been a few things in the gaming world lately that I’ve been playing and enjoying and I decided I’d do a sort of pseudo review of sorts, as to not only what I’m playing lately but what I’m liking about it too. Some of the things I’m going to mention very well may have been mentioned at one time or another so if that’s the case I apologize, but I see repeated full articles with small updates on the bigger game sites so I don’t think that’ll put me in too bad of a boat. The last few days have been really stressful for different reasons from my life, so I haven’t been playing too many video games, but the few I have lately I have some things I’d like to discuss about them. So here we go!

First off I have to say that I’m really enjoying playing Sonic 1 and 2 in 3D as a part of Sega’s 3D Classics lineup. The differences in gameplay is fun and refreshing, giving new spins on games I’ve played since I was a little kid, and the fact that these games exist based on an (unofficial) Sega console, the GigaDrive, adds even more to it. But the GigaDrive part is what’s most important, since that was created for the sole purpose of taking Mega Drive (Genesis) games and giving them 3D abilities. This isn’t a review for the games so I’ll just state what I’m liking about each: I love the 3D effects. I never knew that a 2D game could look so good with some 3D effects added. I always play with pop-in stats, so the depth of what you see goes farther, as opposed to popping out which hurts my eyes way too much. But it’s awesome to see how much different the Guitar Controllerlevels can appear just with this somewhat subtle change. The Chaos Emerald challenge rounds in Sonic 2 definitely add a lot more depth with this feature so I’m happy to see it. It’s an entirely different feeling game when you play it normally with no 3D on so I recommend you give the game a shot with the 3D all the way up if you can. The difference is amazing!

I also recently bought Guitar Hero Live for the Xbox One and have to say that I think it’s a pretty fun game. Again, this isn’t a full review for it. That’ll likely come as I make more progress and have more of an understanding of the full game, since I can then explain it on my own and not need to basically study what the game is in order to do a good review. But there is one major part of the game I’d like to fully review right now: the guitar controller. The controller is different in a few ways but none as much as the actual buttons you press to activate notes in the game. Instead of a single row of 5 buttons you now have two rows, one on top of the other, that act as 6 buttons you use during play. (I’ll have the main picture for this article to be the neck for sure of the controller so you get a better look at what I’m describing). But that doesn’t include that on any one set of buttons, if you hold both down in a row, that acts as a note, making for a total of 9 possible button combinations that you can use. Or I should say 9 buttons at all on their own that can be a note. The various ways the combinations makes notes adds up to quite a bit. And let me tell you, as somebody who has a little bit of practice playing a real guitar, this game controller emulates that much better than the past one. Some of the positions you have your fingers in while you play feels just like how it would really feel when playing real guitar. Duh, there aren’t any strings, so there are of course differences. But that doesn’t change the fact that when you play this game on harder difficulty modes your fingers are positioned and move just like they really would when playing, and that’s incredible. Good job guys, you made a better guitar controller! *Note: if you’re used to the past it’ll definitely take time to get used to this one. Just be patient and work your way up the difficulty as you’re ready and you’ll enjoy it*

So what else have I been enjoying lately? Well not much like I had said, but Uncharted for the PS4 has been an absolute blast. The games look way better than they did on the PS3 so if you’ve never played them before now then I recommend this game, and even if so I recommend it. I’ve also put sometime into Crash Bandicoot on the PS3 (the PSOne classic games) and have had a blast there so that has been good. If you’ve not ever played the original Crash games then I cannot recommend them enough, you’ll find them in the PlayStation Store, and none of them are expensive either so that’s always good. There isn’t much else to say besides that but that’s as for me, how about you? What have you been enjoying lately in the gaming world? Be sure to leave your experiences in the comment section!

Updated: November 19, 2015 — 10:14 pm
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