Some reasons why now is a great time to jump back into Pokemon!


A lot of you who will read this are Pokemon fans who have been there since the beginning, like myself. You didn’t have a time you left Pokemon and need reasons to jump back into it. I’ve been with it since I was a little kid and while Digimon is a better anime and more fun to me overall (so sue me; I can love Pokemon a lot and love Digimon more; that’s not a sin… it?) I still love Pokemon. But my love affair with it hit a hitch here and there, namely because the *main* games were the same thing over and over and it got old to me. Frankly it did; the spin offs became much more thrilling to me all in all; there’s nothing wrong with that, being bored with a familiar formula isn’t all that bad. I always loved Pokemon and followed it more than enough to be familiar with its world but it did slip a bit in the past to me. Until now that is. (Okay so that sounds hypocritical that I didn’t need a reason to jump back into it and yet I left the series a bit….but overall I never lost my love of Pokemon. I mean c’mon, Charizard is bae and always will be).

There are a lot of great things going on in the Poke world right now and for people who gave the world up entirely in the past or who have gotten bored with the normal taste of the series, such as myself, have plenty to get excited about right now! The series is very versatile and even when the main games weren’t satisfying for me the spin offs have been great fun, but the big hitters are unique and are truly offering a lot of fun incentive to get back in the game right now, so here are my big 3 reasons as to why you should be looking more towards Pokemon right now, no matter how long you’ve been a fan.

  1. Pokemon Go. Sure, the game (after the tracking fiasco) lost some traction to millions of players; myself included. But the game has super huge potential for the future, absolutely no doubt about that by any means. YOU are the Poke trainer. YOU go to the Gyms and battle it out! YOU go and collect the Pokemon yourself and the steps the trainer takes in the game is based on YOUR walking. There is something very cool about that and hopefully we get more great features in the future that makes it even more worth playing. As is it’s a fun game; they need to fix the tracking, that really is an issue. But once they do? This game will be one of the best smartphone games of all time; if it’s not already there.
  2. Pokemon Sun and Moon. FINALLY. FINALLY!!!!! I can’t believe it but finally a main Pokemon game is Pokemondifferent in approach and feel compared to the other games, which is exactly why I got bored with the other games! Some games can be similar and add just enough to make it new and keep me interested; Sonic, Mario, sports games, etc, but for some reason Pokemon games got boring with it being the same dang thing over and over. But Sun and Moon, based on the demo alone and what I’ve read online, this game will be a lot different and I cannot WAIT to boot this game up and play it! Just give the demo a shot. If you’re like me and have gotten bored with the stale normal Pokemon gameplay (and I know I’m NOT the only one who feels that way) then you’ll love what’s in store for the future. These games will be so great I can’t wait to get started.
  3. Don’t forget the Pokemon Spin offs! They may not be the be all end all but the spin off games are actually quite fun. There are a lot of people who only stick to the main games, and I get that, you like what you like. But some of these games are great fun and are definitely worth a play for sure. I’ve been playing Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon on the 3DS and while it’s not the best game I’ve ever played, or even the best Pokemon game, it’s a fun game and I like picking it up and playing. The Pokemon Dream Radar game, for as simple as it is, is a lot of fun as well to me. Neither are going to set records for most played/downloaded Pokemon games, that’ll never happen. But that doesn’t change that these games are fun and are worth a look if you haven’t looked already!

Pokemon is back (as if it went anywhere right?) and it offers more unique games and gameplay methods than ever before. Now is the time to dive back into PokeWorld and have a blast!

Updated: November 11, 2016 — 11:19 pm
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