Selling games: What I’ve learned.


Okay so this post isn’t about any one particular game or something in the “normal” game realm, if you will. But I think it’s important. The topic is obvious: selling games. In a perfect world we never would have to sell our games or consoles at all, in a perfect world we get to buy any game and console we want and never have to lose them at a later date. But sometimes you have to sell a game/console (just for simplicity I’ll say game from here on out, consoles will be included under the same term) for a variety of reasons; low on funds and you need a bit of extra cash, can’t play as much as you’d like and you need more room in the house, or anything else really. The reasons greatly vary from one person to the next, but the point is that sometimes it’s the best or necessary thing to sell some of your games. I’ve done so myself in the past week or two, in some ways to help with bills but in some ways to get rid of old consoles to get new ones. So what has worked for me?

Well I’ve made a post not too long back telling you you can trade games at GameStop, online at Ebay or Amazon, and etc, but this all comes down to one path: selling games online on Facebook. I know it works this way in my area and I have to assume it works for all of you who’ll read this. You can do it in a few ways from what I can tell but for me I saw a page that lets you buy/sell things in the County I live in, so you can type in your county and see what you find on Facebook. But basically what I’ve done is find the right game that I want to sell, take a picture, and post it online on the post and people have been interested and have made purchases; it has gone quite well for me so far and I plan on selling more in the future.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind in this (I want to help you guys in any way I’ve had a lot of success in the pastFacebook sales few weeks so may as well do all I can!) field.

  • Try to meet in a public location. In my case the Police Station here in the city offers a place you can meet that’s literally only for people meeting to trade items without any worry, with cameras on it constantly and plus you’re at a Police Station so no silly business should go down. It’s best to meet anywhere public if you can that way there’s no pressure on you or on the other person. By all means feel free to meet at your house or the other persons if you feel comfortable but there is an element there that make many people uncomfortable; so don’t feel bad recommending a public location to the other person.
  • Be fair in your pricing. Don’t charge too much money for your product even if you really love it. If a brand new PS4 sells for $400 brand new don’t charge $390 for your used PS4, you will never sell it. Unless somebody is truly desperate to save the $10 which isn’t likely. People generally know what a console is worth and it doesn’t take much time to do research so don’t overcharge.
  • But don’t undercharge either. I can’t tell you how many people try to talk down items and in a lot of instances they try to rip you off for the offer.  I sold a GameCube with a memory card, 2 controllers, and 3 games the other day alongside a Dreamcast with 6 games, 2 controllers and a memory card. In all I paid over $130 for the games in the time I spent buying it over a few months; so I charged $60, which is far more than fair considering the price of used consoles and what I paid. I stated that the price is firm; yet I had several people try to talk me down to $40, which was far too low considering all that was included. Don’t be a jerk to people, that doesn’t help at all, but for sure don’t settle if you offer a great deal; it’s likely you’ll run into somebody who’ll pay the fair price, which has been the case for me each time.

I’m sure there is more I can put but those are the main points for sure. Meet in a safe location, don’t overcharge, and don’t undercharge either. Be courteous and fair and if you agree to meet somebody be punctual and respectful, doing all you can to make the transition as easy as possible on you and the person involved. Hopefully all goes well and you have success!

Updated: November 26, 2016 — 10:36 am
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