Sega Genesis 25th Anniversary Power Partner review.


The Sega Genesis is the most meaningful game console to me, if all else fails because it’s what got me into gaming in the first place. I’ve played and enjoyed tons of other consoles since back then, but that doesn’t change the fact that Sega started it all for me. I still have one plugged up to this day, right alongside my PS4 and Wii U. I still appreciate the past of gaming and what it was like. So I was really excited when I saw that Sega of America and Tommo had teamed up to create a Sega Genesis Power Partner in honor of the Sega Genesis’s 25th Anniversary. What this does is give you the ability to charge your smartphone, handheld game console, and more while not being connected to an outlet. It does a very good job too! I’ve charged my phone and PSP at the same time on the device Sega Genesis 25th Anniversaryand it not only gave them both great charge but the Power Partner wasn’t dead afterwards.


That’s a good thing to me because not only does this item look cool and is used to celebrate the anniversary but it’s practical. There are other things that Sega is using to celebrate this year but I’ve yet to see any of them that can compare to this device. And it was cheap too! I got it for 30 dollars on Amazon and I’m very happy that I made the purchase. If you’re a Sega fan and think a device like this can be of use to you I recommend you give it a look. This device was made by Tommo but Sega of America had a press release talking about this and other items and they made it very clear that they were in partnership, and that makes it far better than an item that was simply licensed and that Sega really did nothing with. Sega of America played at least some role in this item and the others, so I’m really excited to see that, even if their role (potentially) wasn’t very large. If you love Sega give it a go!

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