Run Super Mario, Run!


Well we are finally getting Mario on smartphones! Woo hoo, that’s great right!? Okay, so I’m unaware of how much people actually wanted to see Mario arrive in the smartphone world, especially in the form of an endless runner, but I’m actually excited about it. I’m a fan of the endless runners and we’ve had them from other major gaming icons so it’s about time Mario joined the party. (Hehe, do you see what I did there?). We’ve had Pac Man running, Mega Man, Rayman, Sonic, and more. Endless runners are easy to put on smartphones and they’re also fun, well to some people anyways. So it’ll be really nice to see Mario alongside these other major gaming icons in this field!

But will the game be any good? Well, to be perfectly honest, it’s hard to mess up an endless runner. Make it simple enough to navigate that it’s easy to play and difficult to master, where you really have to put forth a great effort to get to the end of the run (if there is an end that is) but yet it’s simple enough that anybody can pick it up and play it and have an easy time getting into it. The game is a Mario game and so based on that alone there is no doubt at all that it’ll have a great install base, even if it’s a miserable game, but for sure I don’t think we have to worry that this won’t be a good game.Run Mario

But what else will be coming later? Will we see Mario platformer games arrive on phones like how we’ve seen Sonic 1 and 2? Will they only do Mario runner type games? Will we see Mario and Sonic combine in a single runner game (which should be more than doable)? Only time will tell, but I have to say I’m really excited to see Mario arrive in the phone world! He’s only coming to iOS this year, so us Android players will have to wait until 2017, unfortunately, but it’s still something to be excited about. I have a feeling this is only the beginning of what we will see from Nintendo and Mario in the phone world and I can’t wait to play it!

Updated: September 13, 2016 — 8:37 am
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