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Naturally I want as many people as possible to enjoy my website here, my Facebook page (which is linked at the homepage!) and the Pintrest page. Whether it’s because of some commentary I share/say, some back and forth with my fellow gamers, or beyond, I want people to enjoy themselves because of what I do. I want people to see funny meme’s they’ve not seen before on my page and laugh. I want people to be hit by nostalgia by old memories because of a post or something of that nature, especially as I do more and more for this site and the rest and improve in my skills as a writer and all of that. But I’m far from the only gamer who talks about games out there; after all, where do you think I get the meme’s and images I share? Google, but somebody, a gamer somewhere, made them. I love the connectivity between gamers and sites and I certainly hope to do my best in my small part of the gaming world. But boy, there are some other great game pages/video personalities I recommend you follow!

No, I don’t want you to follow them and leave me behind, how could I? I love the thousands of you guys that visit my page each day! Both my Facebook page and my site here get thousands upon thousands of visitors each day and I’m very grateful, I truly am :). But that doesn’t mean that you can’t follow more than one gaming personality/site. (Hint: I follow several myself, nothing wrong with that, right?) There are a ton out there but there are a couple that I think you could benefit yourself if you follow them simply because they’re so much fun! There are two of them to be specific, well maybe three.

  1. Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook account. Okay, you have to love or at least like Sonic/Sega to like this page, for sure. But they’re funny, so funny. Sonic is a meme Lord and you’d see that if you follow the page for a Five Nightswhile. And “Sonic” responds in the messages too usually in a funny way, this page is top notch. It’s like a resurrection of Sega’s spunk from the 90s all over again and I truly appreciate that. They are a funny, funny group and you’ll really benefit by having them be in your feed for sure. Again if you don’t like Sonic/Sega then they may not be for you, and I get that, but if you do or have an appreciation for a 90s company returning to their roots in a new way (being spunky but using memes) then you’ll love them.
  2. Markiplier! I used to watch him with an old relationship of mine and despite that ending my love for Markipoo never went away. He can be a bit over the top at times, as all YouTubers can be, but he’s a funny guy and genuine and that’s always a good combination. He pays attention to his fans and interacts with them in varying ways such as mentioning certain things in his videos or commentating in the comments in Facebook. He’s a silly guy, to be sure, but he’s fun to watch play games and he’s the KING of Five Nights at Freddy’s, so what’s not to like! He’s cool so I recommend you follow him in every way you can.
  3. Did you Know Gaming people. I’m not sure who they are but if you look in YouTube for Did you Know Gaming you’ll see their videos and man oh man you’ll learn some things about gaming that you never knew before and it’s amazing! There are memes about Did you Know gaming but the videos go into more detail so I recommend you search them on YouTube for sure!

I’m sure there are tons of others worth following for sure but those are the ones I personally follow the most that I think are the most fun! Give them a look if you haven’t before! And stick around Gamer’s Zone in the varying ways we exist as well, we are pretty good at finding some fun meme’s too ;).

Updated: November 12, 2016 — 12:21 am
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