Rare Replay/Beach Bounce Reviews.


I believe I’ve done one or two of these dual reviews in the past and I decided I’d do that again for two of my latest purchases, Rare Replay on the Xbox One and Beach Bounce on the PC. Both purchases are ones that I’m really excited for, and I think you should be too! To start let’s take a closer look at Beach Bounce. It’s an anime visual novel, which plays out like a books and a video game, as you’d expect with a genre called a visual novel. What I like about this game is that the art style is great, which is a must have in a visual novel to me. The sounds are also a success and this game, similar to many other visual novels, has multiple choices that influences how the game goes, and I’m a sucker for things like this. You play as a man (whose name I don’t remember right now, but his part is so generic in a way that he is just a black outline of a person, not fully detailed, so it’s not important. Use your imagination; put yourself in the story) who is visiting the area to check in on his grandmother.

She ends up in the hospital having some issues and you work at the Beach Bounce facility in the meantime to help you. There are several girls you can talk to and build up Rare Replaya relationship with, and though it works, it all feels a bit rushed. That could be because the full game isn’t actually out yet. The rest of the game comes in October and at a later month for even more. It’s not much fun to have a game like this, all about player choice, where you don’t even get the full game all at once. It’ll be a long time between starting and seeing where it all finishes. It seems like the developers knew to expect this so the story and speed of which you can get together with one of the girls is at about 100 mph, when it should really be about 30-40 mph. I know I’m not the only one who felt like this while playing. It’s the one weak spot of this game; well that and the fact that the rest of the game isn’t out yet. That’s a bummer. I wish there was more to the game and you could really flesh out the relationships, but still, the game is fun and even what’s out has multiple choices you can make, so there is hope for the future for sure. I rate this one: RECOMMEND. It’s not worthy of a high recommendation yet, but still it’s worth a purchase, so go for it on Steam.

As for the Rare Replay on the Xbox One, what more is there to say? It takes games from Rare’s 30 year plus history and puts them all in one place! I hate to admit I’ve hardly played any of these games. The three Banjo games I’ve played, and I’ve started a slot on Perfect Dark Zero, but otherwise I’ve not touched any of them. That’s a shame since I know I’ve missed out over the years, since this is a great company, but wait? Why care? I have them all in one place now! I can make up for lost time, which I very much plan on doing. So far I’ve played around on Perfect Dark Zero the most, saving the three Banjo games for a bit later, since I already know I love those games. There have been a few more that I really want to try, but really it’s all about getting time in with all of the games. The price of this game makes it worthy alone of a buy, it gives you a lot of bang for your buck, which is always a great thing. I can’t give too much of a personal experience with this game since I’ve not gotten to play a lot of the games in depth yet, but let me assure you as much as I can possibly muster: you really need to do yourself a favor and buy this game. My rating for this game is: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Give it a go! You can get it at any major store that carries games and buy it or just get it outright on the Xbox One. Both games are great, so give them a shot!

Updated: August 21, 2015 — 4:59 pm
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