PSA: Kingdom Hearts 3 Leaked, but there is good news!


OK, we know to expect this sort of thing with every major game, so it’s not a total surprise in some form. Disappointing, but not a surprise. Kingdom Hearts 3 has been leaked, somebody was able to get a few copies from his work it would seem and not only has he played it and uploaded gameplay videos from the game but it would seem he has extras himself that he’s selling (or sold?) to other people. If you’re like me you’ve been waiting on KH3 for more than a decade, well, at least you’ve been all ears ever since Kingdom Hearts 2 came out. So it’s unfortunate that the game is out and about a month early.

The good news, if there’s any to gleam from this, is that the “biggest spoilers in the game” won’t be there for those folks to share. Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that those are the game’s epilogue and secret movie. Those will be added at a later date, post-KH3 official launch day, which is January 29th 2019 here in the West. That’s a very good Tetsuya Nomura KH3 Leakthing. You know as well as I do that if those were in the game day 1 that those would be uploaded by now or very soon and it’d be all to easy to have a YouTube recommendation that puts it in front of you before you get a chance to see it for yourself. It’s good that those are coming later.

But in the meantime there are still a lot of spoilers I’d like to avoid, and I’m sure you as well! It’s nice to know that those won’t and can’t be spoiled, that’s huge, HUGE. But I don’t want to know a single boss, secret fight, story element, or anything before I get to play it myself, and I know all of you who read this are in the same boat. So be vigilant. If possible try to not look up anything KH3 related on YouTube or Twitter.

Especially on YouTube. If you look up something in lieu of “KH3 spoilers” or something it’s entirely possible you’ll get Recommendations later that’ll show you information and thumbnails you’d rather not see. Granted if you’re looking up something like that you probably don’t care, but still, keep that in mind. Try to stick to sites that’ll have specific spoilers sections so you can read up on the game and not worry about random spoils showing up in the chat or something.

The last thing I can recommend, which Nomura himself asks, is that you don’t share the videos. Don’t share them anywhere, whether on social media or beyond. If you want to watch them and be spoiled, hey, that’s your prerogative. Go for it! But make sure you Kingdom Hearts 3 Leakeddon’t share them in places where folks wanting to avoid spoilers may see them. There are plenty of designated areas where you could share them and discuss them and not be putting it where it’s not desired. Don’t be a heartless! Or a nobody for that matter either.

I understand the desire to see the story and get into it as soon as possible. I very much do! I’ve been waiting years, like many of you that read this have been. But we only have about a month to go, just over a month! We’re so close, and it’ll be so satisfying to see it all fresh, with our own eyes! Hey, if you want to spoil yourself, go for it, nothing wrong with that if you desire! But if you’re not in that boat do all you can to guard against it! It may not be possible to block all spoilers, but do your best! And try to keep in mind that we for sure have the “biggest spoilers” that will absolutely NOT be leaked in this run. Don’t forget that! May we all make it to Kingdom Hearts 3 spoil free!

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